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Great Garden Speakers – Coming To Your Town?

Magazines, books and blogs are great ways to learn about gardening. But there’s something far more intimate and immediate about sitting in a dimly lit room, oohing and aahing over luscious images, and being carried away by a captivating speaker sharing her passion.

Whatever your gardening interest—succulents, edibles, native plants, sustainability, ecology, photography (sorry if I left yours out)—there’s someone out there ready to teach and entertain you for an hour or two. is a brand new website helping garden clubs, Master Gardener groups, bookstores, botanical institutions, nature centers, garden shops, and flower shows find informed and inspiring speakers for their programs, and pack the house.

At the easy-to-navigate GGS website, visitors browse a growing roster of talented communicators ranging from nationally published, award-winning photographers and authors, to designers and world travelers, promising to light a spark in someone’s imagination.

The GGS website provides various ways to find a speaker. Visitors can search by name for someone they’ve heard and want to bring to their hometown.

Don’t know any speakers by name? It’s easy to window shop, scrolling through mini-profiles where you’ll find each speaker’s top topics and contact information. Click on someone who interests you to check out their bio, peruse a gallery of images, and get to know them better.

There’s even a feature for checking who’s going to be in your region. If they’re already in the ‘hood, there can be significant savings from reduced travel costs. is the brainchild of five very talented and dedicated communicators. Scott Calhoun, Mary Ann Newcomer, Debra Prinzing, Nan Sterman, and Amy Stewart—Amy’s been doing a lot of the heavy lifting getting this project up to speed—are top-of-their-game, in-demand speakers. Despite their own successful careers, they saw the need to help other speakers who have fewer resources to promote themselves.

Full disclosure: I’m a founding member of and will be offering my own offbeat brand of designer-meets-comic talks on the speaking trail soon. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m am waaaaay behind getting my own profile up to speed, but that shouldn’t stop you from clicking over to the site and poking around.

If you belong to an organization, institution, or have a business that would benefit from a top-notch attraction, spend a few minutes at Someone is out there waiting to expand your horizons.

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