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Gardening Resolutions for 2009

In 2009, I vow to water more. Or less.
Photo/Illustration: Scott Phillips
In 2009, I vow to water more. Or less.
Photo/Illustration: Scott Phillips

A perennial exercise in deluding ourselves? We think not.

Yes, we’re jumping on the bandwagon. Here it is, our blog post on gardening resolutions for the New Year. But we’re pretty hopeful around here that we can actually do these! (Unlike the 20 pounds I vowed to lose last January…) Here are our 2009 Gardening Resolutions, stated in all our optimistic glory.


Michelle Gervais, Associate Editor:

1. I will fertilize more. I buy fertilizer every spring and vow to stick to a schedule, but I don’t ever seem to fertilize more than three times before I forget altogether for the rest of the summer.

2. I will pay more attention to my borders. I’m obsessed with my container gardens to the point of ignoring the rest of my garden. My borders are neglected, sparse, and a total mishmash of plants. I will coddle them a bit more this year!

3. I will look at my garden with fresh eyes and get rid of the eyesores I’ve stopped seeing. My neighbors can see them, I’m sure. They probably curse me under their breath…


Kate Frank, Web Editor:

1. I will pay attention to my garden in July and August, even though I can’t stand the heat.

2. I will remember to water my containers, or I will not be allowed to plant any.

3. I will weed early and often. Really!


Danielle Sherry, Associate Editor:

1. I will refrain from planting an excessive number of containers. Extensive summer travel + soaring summer temps = homecoming heartbreak.

2. I will choose to buy my plants locally whenever possible. I’m sick of paying crazy shipping costs and being disappointed by the half dead plants that arrive at my doorstep. Instead, I’ll follow the advice of one of my farmer friends, “Buy local, and we’ll grow more tomorrow.”

3. I will plant an obscene amount of basil. I can’t get enough of the stuff.


Daryl Beyers, Assistant Editor:

1. I will repot my houseplants with fresh potting soil using the recipes in the February 2009 issue of Fine Gardening.

2. I will remove the plastic edging from around my beds and edge them properly with a nice crisp mini-trench.

3. I will use succulents in pots in place of thirsty summer annuals.


Steve Aitken, Managing Editor:

1. I will finish what I start.

2. I will start what I planned on starting.

3. I will limit myself to two big projects.


Brandi Spade, Assistant Editor:

1. I will not overwater. I always anticipate that my plants need more water than they do…which leaves me with rotten roots and creepy crawly pests.

2. I will buy only the plants that I really, really want, rather than buying plants just so that I don’t leave the garden center without something new.

3. No more containers! I own enough containers for a small army of plants. Why do I keep buying more?


Suzanne Noel, Senior Copy/Production Editor:

1. I will grow some herbs.

2. I will grow more container vegetables.

3. I will design that one corner of our garden that’s crying out to be a Zen garden.

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  1. debbieNotaro 01/12/2009

    Debbie Notaro, My Secret Garden, Garden Coach, Master Gardener, Designer

    1. I will learn to be more frugal and not buy out our local nursery in two trips.

    2. I will corral the mint I thought I pulled out of my new bed the year before last and somehow contain it this year.

    3. I will try only two new perennials this summer...ok, I know my limitations, maybe only two new perennials every other garden center.

  2. GardenSprite 01/13/2009

    1. I will stagger starting my vegetables so I don't have 6 heads of broccoli bolting at the same time or 4 heads of cabbage ready at the same time.

    2. I will weed my perennial borders and not spend all my time in the vegetable garden.

    3. I will not plant petunias in my containers again this year so they can die a slow death in the blazing Southern sun.

  3. southernsoil 01/16/2009

    1. I will try to keep the house as tidy as the garden.

    2. I will plant more waterwise gardens. The droughts are killing me and the plants.

    3. I will learn more about propagation, pronounciation and relaxation.

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