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Fine Gardening scoops The New York Times — by 7 years

Photo/Illustration: Stephanie Fagan
Photo/Illustration: Stephanie Fagan

Anybody who has ever worked with or for Fine Gardening knows we move more like the proverbial tortoise than the hare (and let’s remember who won that race). Pictures need to be shot a year in advance, thus the articles need to be written even earlier. But sometimes, we are ahead of the game. Take this recent article by The New York Times. We published something on the same topic with Piet Oudolf (same format, too) in 2004.

Maybe we aren’t that slow.

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  1. gloryglory 02/10/2011

    The picture is beautiful, the purple with the grayed white. and the textures are great too. So what is it?

  2. SteveA 02/10/2011

    Leucothoe fontanesiana and Stipa tenuissima covered in frost.

  3. circulating 02/14/2011

    I just read the NYT piece last night and was thrilled to find it. Now I am overjoyed to find your story and even better because it has lists!

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