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Fall Finale

Plan now for a beautiful autumn garden

Sunflowers (Heliathus annuus, annual) provide not just visual beauty, but pollen and nectar for bees and seeds for birds to ensure everyone heads into the winter happy and well-fed.

Tom, in Arden Hills, Minnesota (Zone 4) shared these images of his garden transitioning from fall to winter. I know… it is spring! Why show images of fall? Well, because it is important not to forget fall beauty when shopping and gardening in the spring. Planting for fall beauty now will ensure your garden looks great all through the gardening season.

A sophisticated color palette of yellows, greens, and browns from flowers and foliage.
Red maples (Acer rubrum zones 3 – 9) provided un-matched fall color.
The low, autumn sun catches the top of a tree to create an unforgettable moment.
The first snow gilds the garden at the end of the season.


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  1. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/21/2018

    Great reminder of how soul touching it is to have warm and wonderful fall colors to keep us company as we ease into winter. That maple is gangbusters gorgeous and I see that the bees are feasting away on the sunflowers. Thanks, Tom, for sharing your pictures.

  2. user-7003263 02/21/2018

    Tom, lovely mature fall garden with all the rich orange, yellow, brown colors. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Maggieat11 02/21/2018

    A garden that looks great in all seasons is a great goal to have and achieve. Lovely photos! Your fall garden looks beautiful!

  4. cheryl_c 02/21/2018

    Tom, thanks so much for the reminder to consider fall color when you are planting in the spring! The sunflowers are my favorite shot, but the second photo is a great example of how the plant structures in the garden take on more importance as fall moves into winter. Good stuff!

  5. User avater
    bellarosa009 02/22/2018

    Tom, your garden is beautiful! What is the name of the sunflower featured in the first pic?

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