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Exquisite Blooms in CA

By Kim Charles

Irvin and Pauline Faria of Carmichael, CA show many of us what we have been missing lately….beautiful blooms!

"Here in northern California is the season for camellias to display their beautiful blooms. In 1910 Sacramento became known as “The Camellia Capital”. We have a special love for camellias. Consequently in the 1960’s several young plants and seedpods, germinated in our greenhouse, were placed throughout the landscape. Since then seedpods dropped from mature plants have germinated beneath them. They are now full grown trees.

The recent heavy rains have damaged most blooms nevertheless while strolling through the garden we were to able to select some remaining delicate camellia blooms to share."

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  1. user-7008377 03/03/2017

    Just stunning!

  2. bsavage 03/03/2017

    So pretty! Yay Blooms!

  3. User avater
    vanhatalosuomi 03/03/2017

    Lovely blooms. :)

  4. Jay_Sifford 03/03/2017

    Good morning! I really appreciate this post because I have rediscovered the beauty of camellia japonicas in the past year. They are such amazing shrubs, or trees. Beautiful post. Thank you.

  5. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/03/2017

    Well, that bee certainly has a specific destination in mind...what a wonderful picture! Your camellias are beautiful and have me questioning why I have never given them a try. It must be quite a treat to see bushes in bountiful bloom this time of year. I have to be content with spring bulbs. As always, Irvin, your photography is exceptional and the subject matter never disappoints.

  6. Sunshine111 03/03/2017

    Number seven, the pale pink one is my absolute favorite! Thank you for sharing. Does it have a fragrance?

  7. user-4691082 03/03/2017

    I lost the only camellia I had ?. Yours look like roses, but easier to care for. I love the photo with the bee! By starting these seeds in your greenhouse, you have witnessed the cycle of life. I think of how many years we prayed for rain for California. I'm sorry you have had so much in so short a time.

  8. User avater
    treasuresmom 03/03/2017

    Your camellias are gorgeous. I have a few of them in my garden that have always had pretty blooms but since we have had summer drought 2 years in a row, the blooms were the size of a nickel this year and only had a very few.

  9. latebloming 03/03/2017

    Living in Sweden I have no camellias in the garden, but I have been several times to Italy, where one can find them i the beautiful parks around castles. It is always heartbreaking, when I have to leave. My wish to have them in my flat fails all the time, because bringing one potted plant home, means that after some days the buttons fall off. If because auf the moving or to warm or to little light, I do not know, but I shall not give up to make a go of it come time.
    In the meantime I thank you for the beautiful pictures you share with us. They make my longing and determination larger.
    And Lily Jacoby, as far as I know there is no sort with any fragrance.

  10. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/03/2017

    These are exquisite. The varied flower forms and colors of camellias are amazing. Thanks for sharing your love of the Camellias and the fruit of your labor. Always a treat to see your garden.

  11. Chris_N 03/03/2017

    Thank you, Irvin and Pauline! The camellias are beautiful. After an unseasonably warm February here, March came in like a lion and we've had 3 days of snow and ice. I needed something like this today.

  12. NCYarden 03/03/2017

    Beautiful pics of even more beautiful plants. Because of the very unseasonably warm winter this year, I would be willing to say it has been one of the best Camellia displays in a very long time here in NC. Great collection you have. I bet it is most impressive to see in the garden. Thanks for sharing.

  13. sheila_schultz 03/03/2017

    Your camellias almost look 'pretend' they are so perfect. There's nothing like having the opportunity to peek into your treasured gardens to go along with my morning cup of coffee, it's the perfect wake-up call! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  14. LaurelEm 03/03/2017

    I guess I've never seen this type of Camellia up close. Lovely form. All those stamens!
    Hurry up Spring! I'm in Wisconsin.

  15. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 03/03/2017

    Good morning, Irvin and Pauline. Having just driven through your area two days ago, we saw the evidence of your heavy rains first hand and are amazed that you ended up with any blooms surviving at all. It has been a much colder than usual winter here on Whidbey and our camellias survived that but we arrived home to find that the deer had feasted on most of our buds so thank you for sharing your beautifully photographed blooms today. Have a great weekend GPODers.

  16. OregonGardenGal 03/03/2017

    A beautiful collection! I love the photo with the bee.

  17. user-7007498 03/03/2017

    Good afternoon, Irvin and Pauline. Fabulous photos as always. The camellias really brightened up my day. Currently windy with some snow here, but it was 60 degrees 2 days ago. Mixed up weather. Thanks for sharing. Hope for a great weekend for all.

  18. tennisluv 03/03/2017

    Pauline & Irvin, your camellias are gorgeous. So many varieties and so many colors. I just had 3 Camellia sasanqua 'Setsugekka' delivered and will be getting them in the ground within the next week. Camellias as such pretty plants -sasanquas for fall & early winter and japonicas for later winter and early spring (if no killing frost gets them) here in Georgia. Blooms when there isn't much blooming. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Cenepk10 03/03/2017

    Wow ! Nice assortment!!!

  20. Coveside 03/03/2017

    Lovely...recently returned from a trip to Bok Tower in central Florida where we enjoyed similar blooms...but not the variety you show here! Theirs are on a property designed by Olmsted and they lend themselves well to a woodsy, naturalistic setting.

  21. janeeliz 03/04/2017

    Scrumptious! How I love to seeing your garden in every season! So glad we met in Maine so I can connect the delightful gardeners to their delightful garden!

  22. user-7008390 03/05/2017

    Is there a rose pic in there too?

  23. perenniallycrazy 03/06/2017

    Looks like Camelia heaven to me...

  24. linnyg. 03/06/2017

    Another stroll down memory lane - my hubby and I just celebrated our 47th anniversary. We were married in Olympia WA 2-21-70 and the camellia bush outside the church was in full bloom - deep reddish pink as I recall. The bush was at least 8 feet high. I wonder if it has lasted as long as our marriage has??? Thanks for the memories. I love the variegated foliage! Alas and alack - I don't think I can grow them here in the Denver area.

  25. user-6536305 01/02/2018

    Stunning camellia blooms and photos. Thanks for sharing!

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