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Elaine’s garden in Montreal

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Elaine Sanders

Today’s photos are from Elaine Sanders. She says, “I moved back to Montreal from Ontario on June 1, 2006, so my zone 5b garden is only 6 years old. My first home in Bradford, Ontario is where I created the border that won in Gardening Life magazine’s 2002 National competition, a highlight of my budding “career” as a garden designer. Whenever I am not taking care of my family, I freelance as a landscape designer and garden consultant. I create landscape designs by hand and enjoy helping customers overcome their gardening and landscaping challenges. My goal is to make their outdoor space functional and aesthetically pleasing in keeping with environmentally conscious practices. I am an idealist at heart!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Elaine Sanders

“Gardening is my passion, because it combines two things I love: art and nature. Gardening enables me to employ various mediums to creatively express my artistic talents. I can create in my office with pencils on paper and outside with plants in nature: a little pink there, more purple there, a larger specimen there, vertical or curved lines over here. Gardening can be hard work, but the great thing about it, that I’ve discovered to my delight, is that if I put in a little time to care for my garden, mother nature will often do her share of the work for me. This may be in the form of rain when I didn’t have the time to water my plants or by making rich compost when I need to fertilize the garden. The other way mother nature helps me is by simply allowing young plants to mature and fill in their spaces, making the entire garden seem more cohesive. This is what apparently happened in my back garden, as I looked out the window this past spring.

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Elaine Sanders

“I think this is the first year that I felt impressed while looking out my back window. I have been gardening for well over 15 years now so I’ve become quite critical of myself and hold a higher set of standards when it comes to garden design.  I’ve noticed this trait especially when people find areas of my garden attractive that I’ve already dismissed as simply “okay” or “needing improvement”. My garden is never finished, never perfect enough for me.”

I think we all know how you feel, Elaine. But your garden looks awfully darned good to me!

Photo/Illustration: Courtesy of Elaine Sanders

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 11/26/2012

    Beautiful tapestry of colors.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/26/2012

    What a lovely foursome of pictures, Elaine. The harmonious and blending elements of their composition give off a Monet feeling so your inner artist is being well served by your physical efforts. Your garden seems like a serene place and the
    adirondack chairs invite sitting and indulging in restful contemplation.

  3. tractor1 11/26/2012

    Your garden looks great, well laid out and vibrant, too vibrant. There is something wrong with your camera, it doesn't capture any detail and the color setting is definitely off. Try again with a better camera, it's a shame to miss out on seeing all your hard work clearly.

  4. sheila_schultz 11/27/2012

    As always, texture, color and balance are the first things I look for when seeing a new garden. You've got it all, Elaine!

  5. pattyspencer 11/27/2012

    Beautiful garden! I love the sweep of color in the first picture

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