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Clematis in the Garden

Clematis is truly a star of the summer garden, and if you want to grow it, check out the links below for helpful information on selecting a variety, types of clematis, incorporating clematis into your garden scheme, and pruning.


The Many Faces of Clematis
Get to know the wide variety of flower shapes and sizes this popular vine offers.
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Pruning Clematis
There are three groups of clematis, and when they bloom determines when to prune.   Read more…
What group is my clematis?
Here is a listing of common clematis varieties in Group 1 (spring bloomers), Group 2 (repeat bloomers), and Group 3 (summer or fall bloomers).   Read more…
Clematis with Everything
An avid collector uses shrubs and perennials as living trellises for her flowering vines.   Read more…
Clematis Plant Trial Results
Not all clematis are created equal. Find top-ranked varieties from the more than 100 tested in trials at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Results can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or a pdf file.
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Three Myths About Clematis
A clematis aficionado debunks common misconceptions.   Read more…
Garden Photo of the Day: Clematis
See clematis photos featured in our weekday eLetter.   Read more…
Genus Clematis
Learn about the care and characteristics of Clematis. Scroll down to the bottom of the genus page for links to information on specific Clematis cultivars.  Read more…
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  1. mwrshhysrael 08/26/2014

    The botanicals are so aesthetically pleasing! Who created them?

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