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Celebrating Winter Beauty

Enjoying the snowy garden

bare tree, conifers, and shrubs covered in snow

Today Barbara Owen is sharing some photos with us.

People may be tired of winter and looking for photos of spring, but even when a blanket of snow is covering the sleeping garden, there is still a lot to see.

lawn and border garden bed dusted in snowWith our climate becoming more unpredictable, sometimes the snow surprises us too early and the colorful fall landscape is dramatically transformed.

bare tree, conifers, and shrubs covered in snow

The trees outlined with delicate lines of snow

close up of tree branches covered in snow“Winter lace”

dried and dormant hydrangea covered in snow‘Lady in Red’ hydrangea (Zones 5–9) with snow blossoms

close up of shrub covered in thick layer of snowA long-clawed snow monster looks to come inside.

garden patio covered in snow with rabbit prints in the snowIn the snow, footprints tell of a rabbit party on the patio.

close up of rock wall covered in snowThe snow creates sculptures out of a rock wall.

stacks of planter pots covered in snowEmpty pots wait for spring.

view of snow-covered garden from aboveThe snow simplifies and highlights the view, clearing the drawing board for new ideas or rearrangements in the garden.

pavers and lawn covered in snowA light snow blanket highlighting the patterns along the path and the rain shadow under the trees


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  1. User avater
    simplesue 02/23/2023

    Beautiful photos of snow in your garden.
    Snow really does give a garden a completely fresh new look.
    I'm actually enjoying the winter hibernation that I go through along with the garden plants.
    We will see spring in real life soon enough- I"ve enjoyed your garden photos!

    1. User avater
      bdowen 02/23/2023

      Thank you!

  2. [email protected] 02/23/2023

    What a wonderful garden! Even in the depths of winter there's so much to see. It makes me want to see it again in the spring.and summer!
    This garden shows us winter interest. Winter interest is usually (to me) what we have to settle for after the garden has finally died back and the cold has set in. The English Garden - a magazine I highly recommend for those us who would like to see all the wonderful things we could do.with our gardens if we had a bit more land and a few more on the gardening staff - shows that some gardens are still stunningly beautiful when they're reduced to the white and muted grays and greens. Winter interest can be astoundingly beautiful.
    But, it takes looking. And time. And a bit of passion too. But it's there to see, and be amazed and refreshed.
    Thank you, Barbara, for showing us this beautiful display of winter interest. It will be an inspiration long after the snows have melted and bulbs are blooming once again.

    1. User avater
      bdowen 02/23/2023

      Thank you - wish you could come see it in real life! English gardens- just finished reading Rosemary Verey by Barbara Paul Robinson. A glimpse into a very different era and style of gardening. Quite a contrast to mine.

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 02/23/2023

    Great pics!

    1. User avater
      bdowen 02/23/2023

      Thank you. About to go out and take more of today's snow.

  4. janetsydoruk 02/23/2023

    I find winter scenes so quiet and meditative. Never tore of looking out my window. When I look out at my garden at the bird feeders and see the striking colour of the cardinals it’s just a treat. Thanks for sharing it’s just a beautiful garden.

    1. User avater
      bdowen 02/23/2023

      Yes! Especially with all the activity of the birds at the feeders- their personalities, determination and grit to make it through the cold.

  5. btucker9675 02/23/2023

    Those rabbits were dancing!!! Love these photos.

  6. janeeliz 02/23/2023

    Beautiful photos of your garden in snow. It looks very elegant! Your comments are delightful, too. I love the textures and patterns in your last photo.

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