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Bonnie’s visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show

Today's photos are from Bonnie Pancoast (previous posts HERE), who's giving us a special treat! She says, "This year I had the opportunity to visit the 186th PHS Philadelphia Flower Show. My journey there was supposed to take place on Thursday, March 5th, but a late winter snow storm thwarted all my plans. As a young child snow would not have been an obstacle, as trains ran daily between the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia. Today my companion and I had to drive south to Doylestown and board the train at that location to travel into the city. What followed was a step into America's oldest flower show celebrating the silver screen. With movie themes and songs playing in the background, people moved through acres of exhibits and vendors. I took over a hundred pictures and pared them down to 78. Here are 9 of my favorites including a photo showing the garden at the height of the March 5th snow storm. Hope you enjoy the breath of spring as much as I did." Thanks, Bonnie, for not sending all 78 photos–I would never have been able to whittle them down myself–too much good stuff! Thanks, instead, for posting them on your blog! (see the rest of Bonnie's photos of the show HERE!)

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  1. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/10/2015

    Thanks for sharing your photos, Bonnie. Great shots. They've convinced me of two things: 1. Philadelphia is not that far from my home, so I should trek to the show. 2. There's a reason why I keep the leafy, monster cymbidium that was gifted to me and am trying to make it bloom. I hope you're enjoying the warmer weather that is finally descending on the middle and Eastern parts of the continent! cheers!

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      I'm not a regular but this year has me planning next year's visit!

    2. schatzi 03/12/2015

      Tim, I grow cymbidiums in my attached unheated greenhouse here in the PNW. They like long cool dark nights in the winter, like poinsettias. They get that in my greenhouse and bloom beautifully. They need the cold and dark to set buds. And they can take almost down to freezing, if not for too long. One grower told me years ago that they lost power during a snow storm out here, the greenhouse roof panes broke, and the alarm did not go off since the power was off. They thought the plants, covered in snow, were done for. But they bloomed better than ever! Hope this helps.

      1. User avater
        Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 03/12/2015

        Shirley, Thanks so much for the helpful tips! The plant was gifted to me last year, non-blooming, so I hope it is worth the effort. I left it outside as long as I could last autumn and have kept it in an unheated, third-floor stairwell in very bright light, but no artificial light. Hopefully it was chilly enough: I'm certain it had some good day/night temperature swings. It has some new growth from the bottom of some of the pseudo-bulbs, but even with some internet searching, I really can't tell if they are more plants or new blooms coming on at this point. Fingers crossed!

        1. schatzi 03/13/2015

          Tim, you reminded me of something else I was told. Cyms need a 20 degree temperature difference between day and night to set buds. I hope your plant gets the message and blooms for you! But be prepared to be patient even after you see a spike. They take their time developing. But it so worth the wait.

  2. bonniep53 03/10/2015

    I did leave with ideas. One was a fountain made out of cooper pipes and another a screen incorporating copper flashing. Can't wait until the snow melts to try these!

  3. greengenes 03/10/2015

    Thanks Bonnie for sharing these with us! I do want to go to this next year but I don't want to travel in snow and ice. We will see what happens next year. But I know about all the ideas. My head was swimming when I left our Seattle show. Those pink orchids are so gorgeous! Its so amazing what these different groups come up with and they don't have that much time to do it! I cant imagine the stress they must be under! But what a treat for all of us. I will check out your other pictures! Thanks so much and I hope it warms up soon for all of you back there.

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      The journey through the snow and ice was worth the beauty and amazing scents at the end of the line!

  4. User avater
    meander_michaele 03/10/2015

    Gosh, Bonnie, going from looking out my kitchen window (kind of bleh) to scrolling through these pictures...I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when the scene transitioned from subdued sepia tones to rich and gorgeous technicolor!! Thanks for giving my eyes such a visual treat and tickling my brain awake with great gardening ideas.

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the "show".

  5. terieLR 03/10/2015

    I've been watching for these Bonnie. I just knew someone would share our wonderful Northeast Show. Thank you. We were unable to go this year but will next! Now, on to your blog to indulge in the beauty.
    PS I jolted at the last photo. Teehee ~ back to reality.

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      The last picture was the day before the storm that thwarted our plans!

  6. GrannyMay 03/10/2015

    Thanks for bringing the Philadelphia show to our homes, Bonnie! Next best thing to being there! I went to your blog to see more and got so immersed in your wonderful garden photos that I forgot that it was the show photos I was supposed to look at. Lovely!

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      Thank you for stopping by my blog too! I just love sharing the beauty of our natural world. We take care of what we love!

  7. Nurserynotnordstroms 03/10/2015

    Good morning and such a nice way to start the day,photos from a garden show,this show looks like it had some wonderful ideas that could easily be incorporated into many home gardens. I personally go for the jolt of Spring fragrance as you walk through the door,even most nurserys can't emulate that wonderful smell. I can't say I came away with any ideas from the Seattle show this year and I'm not sure why,possibly just running out of room(so sad)I am hoping to get to this show one day but not during inclement weather. I just toured your blog Bonnie and I will be adding it to my list I visit frequently. When I'm not gardening I'm reading about gardening. Bonnie and all of you Eastern gardeners I am so happy you have begun to thaw. I am hoping that all the water has somewhere to go without creating more problems. Spring is on the way?

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      Thanks for stopping by my blog too! The scents at the show were indeed amazing. The evening ended with a Friday Fido show. Dressed up pups walking through the "gardens"!

  8. schatzi 03/10/2015

    Mmmm - Cymbidiums and a Paphiopedilum - 2 of my favorite orchids. Beautiful! I will have to go to your blog and view the rest of the pictures. Love flower shows. Hope spring will make its appearance for you soon.

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      This year the flowers were plentiful. Two years ago when I went it was hardscaping. Much preferred this year.

  9. perenniallycrazy 03/10/2015

    Thanks for capturing the flavor of the show and sharing it with all of us. I will definitely be checking out the rest of the pictures on your blog! Looks like visiting the Philadelphia Flower Show is now on my wish list too! Can't wait to see what ideas from the flower show you will use on your already dreamy and captivating garden.

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      I am looking forward to trying a privacy screen made from copper flashing rebar.

  10. eddireid 03/10/2015

    What a treat, Bonnie! I just viewed your blog, too, so my gardening genes are all ramped up ready to go as soon as the ground unfreezes. Flower and Garden Shows are amazing productions and, Yes they are a lot of pressure on the participants, both before and after.
    Thank goodness for them.
    Your own garden is beautiful, too.

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      It would have been difficult for me to choose a winner. But I do remember The Nightmare Before Christmas won! And yes I can't wait until the 18 inches of snow melts in the lower garden where the labyrinth is!

  11. darylsavage 03/10/2015

    Thanks for the pictures Bonnie. Our scheduled trip from the Frelinghuysen Arboretum got cancelled because of the snow, so I appreciate them.

    1. bonniep53 03/10/2015

      I took off from work on Thursday and got snowed in. Fortunately I am off Fridays and was able to reschedule my visit!

  12. june_sharpe 03/20/2015

    Thanks for these beautiful photos. They are lovely.

  13. fairsharpe 03/20/2015

    Your first picture is beautiful Bonnie, I just wonder if it is an orchid and is grown outside or has to be in.

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