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Beyond Knockout. The Next Generation of Garden Roses. Part 2

With rose buying season getting under way I started a series of posts on some of the new garden roses widely available in the United States at this point.   Gardeners love The Knockout Rose but I do get asked are there other roses out there as easy to grow as Knockout.  The answer is yes and they make up the next generation of garden roses.  In a previous post we talked about The Earth Kind Series of Roses.  In this post I’d like to introduce you to another new family of Garden Roses.

Meet The Easy Elegance Rose Collection From Bailey Nurseries.

You might already know Bailey Nurseries’ plants. Following up on their success they have been building the Easy Elegance series of shrub roses.

I’ve been familiar with many of their roses for a number of years.  Many were breed by the rose breeder Ping Lim who for years has done some fantastic roses.  During Ping’s time with Bailey the Easy Elegance series was born. The collection has grown to around twenty different varieties covering a nice spectrum of colors and shapes.

What I particularly like about the Easy Elegance series is the testing that goes into them before they ever make it to the market.  Bailey tests the roses being considered for this line at over twenty trial sites throughout North America.

I like this as we are a vast country with many different climates and even micro climates within those.  Very often a rose that thrives on the east coast will not do well on the west coast and vice-versa.  Ditto for north and south, southeast and southwest; and the list goes on.  By testing the roses in all these sites they can check for that.

The roses vary a bit in size but for the most part they are smaller, compact shrubs making them perfect for borders, containers and mass plantings.  And if that is not enough The Easy Elegance Series of roses come with a two year guarantee!

You will find the Easy Elegance Series of roses widely available throughout the United States at Garden Centers and even some of the larger chain stores.  They are all rated for zones 4-9.

As a final note I always suggest before you buy roses you check with other rose growers in your area.  A good place to start is the American Rose Society.  Find a local chapter near you and see what their members suggest.

And of course another good source for information is our own Roses Are Plants, Too Discussion Forum.  Click Here to go there!

Happy Roseing


Easy Elegance Rose 'My Girl'
Easy Elegance Rose ‘My Girl’.  Shrub to about 3′
Photo/Illustration: Bailey Nursery
Easy Elegance 'Coral Cove'.
Easy Elegance ‘Coral Cove’.  Shrub from 2′-3′
Photo/Illustration: Bailey Nursery
Easy Elegance 'Yellow Brick Road'
Easy Elegance ‘Yellow Brick Road’. Groundcover or low shrub to about 2′
Photo/Illustration: Bailey Nursery
Easy Elegance 'Super Hero'. Shrub 3'-5'
Easy Elegance ‘Super Hero’.  Shrub 3′-5′
Photo/Illustration: Bailey Nursery
Easy Elegance Rose
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  1. VicGardener 02/26/2012

    So how big do these Easy Elegance roses grow? Just clicked all over their website, and couldn't find the info. The "spec sheets" won't open, and the size is not listed in the rose descriptions. Pretty website but frustrating!

  2. PFZimmerman 02/27/2012

    Normally when you click on spec sheet below the description you'll see height details there. But those links seem to be down at the moment.

    Figure most will be in the 3'-4' range.

    You mentioned in another comment you like working with your local garden center. These roses will have tags on them that should have height etc on them.

  3. tactywmef 06/30/2013

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  4. Grandmanettie17 10/20/2013

    If I dead head the rose hips on the Eeasy Elegance Yellow Brick Road shrub rose, wil I get more blooms? Thank you

  5. Grandmanettie17 10/20/2013

    Will not wil.

  6. PFZimmerman 10/26/2013

    The roses will bloom with or without deadheading. The difference is, if you deadhead you will get the next round of blooms sooner. So yes, if you want more blooms during the season go ahead and deadhead.

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