Garden Photo of the Day

An Ode to Valentine’s Day

By Kim Charles


Cynthia Voigts shares a special Valentine tradition with us.

"It is usually cold, gray and snow covered in SW lower Michigan this time of year.  These orchids, which I have had for  5- 7 years, greet me each morning as they are located on a stone mantel in front of the bed.
It is a perfect location for them due to above sky lights and humidity from the nearby bath. The blooms last for months. They start blooming in November and usually continue their show thru April to May. Notice the "heart rocks" setting next to them.  My husband collected them when walking on the beach at Lake Michigan. I tell him he is not romantic…maybe I should re-think that!"

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  1. user-7007498 02/14/2017

    Cynthia, good morning and Happy Valentines Day to all. The heart rocks are so cool and look great with the orchids. Love the stonework.

  2. user-4691082 02/14/2017

    Good morning, Cynthia. I am so curious about the stone mantel. Did you build it? What a cool feature in your bedroom. The orchids are beautiful. I didn't realize they could bloom so long! If the heart rocks aren't romantic, I don't know what is!!! Happy Valentine's Day to all! Especially Frank!

  3. User avater
    meander_michaele 02/14/2017

    Hi, Cynthia, I guess your special rocks give sentimental meaning to the phrase " a heart of stone" sweet of your husband to have such a keen eye for them. Your orchids are lovely and your handsome mantle and fireplace makes a pleasing backdrop for their delicacy.

  4. Maggieat11 02/14/2017

    Lovely! A beautiful way to start your morning each day. Love the heart rocks; very special! Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

  5. User avater
    treasuresmom 02/14/2017

    Love those heart rocks. Isn't nature grand?

  6. tennisluv 02/14/2017

    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Cynthia, your fireplace and mantle
    really 'rock'. The stone shaped hearts are romantic and really sweet of
    your husband to always look for them when walking the beach at Lake
    Michigan. The white orchids in the black pots just pop against the

  7. user-3565112 02/14/2017

    " The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks"Tennessee Wiliams , That quote came to mind with your tender post this morning.
    Good luck , Joe

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 02/14/2017

    Charming, Cynthia. Those stones are wonderful and I get a little thrill when Phaleonopsis rebloom. You're obviously doing something right!

  9. thevioletfern 02/14/2017


  10. judithbrocklehurst 02/14/2017

    Very clever to have those orchids growing and blooming on schedule!

  11. schatzi 02/14/2017

    What a unique and beautiful post. Love the orchids and the rocks and the stone fireplace.

  12. sheila_schultz 02/14/2017

    Cynthia, your beautiful stone fireplace is the perfect setting for these very happy orchids! You obviously have the magic touch! I'm quite charmed with the heart shaped stones, I'm going to keep on the look-out from now on as I walk the beaches!

  13. bsavage 02/14/2017

    So sweet! I have a new orchid as of this morning thanks to my Dear Husband! Love them, but I don't usually keep them after they are done blooming (don't judge me, LOL!). So, how do you get them to rebloom? Do you cut them back? Thanks for sharing!

  14. Cenepk10 02/15/2017

    So sweet

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