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Amongst the Blooming Beauties

By Kim Charles

Jeanne Cronce's photography and Karen Schoeppels gardens make for one great visual combination.

"Nestled on a good size lot in Port Orchard, Washington, grows the gardens of Karen Schoeppel. She moved here thirty years ago from California and has never regretted it. With a love for all things English you will find it expressed throughout the gardens. Tea time is always a special time for conversations amongst the blooming beauties."

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  1. Chris_N 07/25/2017

    Thank you for sharing Karen's garden, Jeanne. It is all beautiful. But I was most struck by the simple combination of the heuchera and the painted fern in the planter. Such an artistic intermingling.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Chris... yes isnt that nice! Karen has some other pots that are quite nice.

  2. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 07/25/2017

    What a treat to have a visit to an unfamiliar garden (to me) Jeanne. Looks wonderful. That Weigela is shocking in the first photo, but it really works! Like Chris, that Heuchera and fern planter stood out to me as well. Lovely.

    1. floreyd 07/25/2017

      I echo Tim's sentiments about the painted fern and bronze coral bells combo. I printed out that photo to remind myself next spring, when it comes time to do our front-entrance planters! Really lovely!

      1. greengenes 07/28/2017

        Yes! great ideas for sure! Enjoy!

    2. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Tim! Karen has really created a little oasis in the midst of town. She really has an eye for placement and colors.

  3. user-7008786 07/25/2017

    I love the combination of painted ferns with bronze leaved heuchera. Will have to try that combo. Beautiful gardens and photos!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Yes, isnt that wonderful! Karen is pretty creative.

  4. Vespasian 07/25/2017

    Beautiful, I love all your roses, especially the romantic archway. Such lovely plant combinations, great ideas, thanks for sharing you labor of love!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Karen's "American Pillar" is so beautiful. One time bloomer though but the beauty makes up for it!

  5. sheila_schultz 07/25/2017

    Add me to the list of fans for the fern and heuchera combination, but what I think makes it especially appealing is the earthy green rectangular container. Simply stunning! I should have just copied Tim's post because that weigela is crazy cool, and I'm not even a huge pink fan! Thanks for these great photos Jeanne, your friends have gorgeous gardens!!!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Sheila...Olah! Yes isnt that a wonderful container! Karen really has an eye for colors and combinations.

  6. user-4691082 07/25/2017

    Wow, Jeanne, wonderful photos of a beautiful garden! Does anyone know the name of that weigela? Gorgeous! And count me among the lovers of the planter!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Rhonda.. I believe it is called "Bristol". Glad you enjoyed Karens gardens.

  7. btucker9675 07/25/2017

    What a beautiful garden! I had a lovely large garden in northern NJ for almost 20 years and have moved to the Charlotte, NC area where I am struggling to learn to garden in total clay and monumental heat... These photos gave me more than a twinge of envy.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Beth. Well i hope Karens gardens gave you some ideas for yours. I havent tried to deal with heavy clay soil but iam sure there is help out there in how to go about it.

      1. btucker9675 07/28/2017

        Lots of soil amendment! I got spoiled in my NJ garden where I could stick almost anything into the ground and it would take off. New "learning opportunity" here in NC... : )

  8. Sunshine111 07/25/2017

    Afternoon tea in the garden! I am loving it all. Thanks for sharing

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Lily... yes it is so nice to sit under her huge fig tree and clarodendron and smell and enjoy the birds. Karen has created quite a little oasis in town.

  9. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 07/25/2017

    Good morning, Jeanne and Karen. Once again, Jeanne you have presented a friend's garden beautifully and Karen, what an interesting garden you've created. Like everyone here, love the painted fern / heuchera planter. Jeanne, also love your photos of the giant allium with the reflecting ball and the one of the mauve rose. Thanks for sharing.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hey Linda! Thanks... isnt it such a sweet little oasis Karen has created! There is always something new going on, different plants in bloom. They all take their turns.

  10. User avater
    meander_michaele 07/25/2017

    Who needs a strong cup of morning coffee to get energized when there is that vibrant chartreuse and pink first picture to gaze upon. Mother Nature created a Yowza combo with those leaves and that flower color! And I love the subtle color echoes you have put together, Karen, in the 3rd photo...the gazing ball, leaves of the cotinus and the alliums...a beautiful vignette. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures, Jeanne.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Michaele. Karen has really created a sweet little spot in town. You wouldnt know you were in town. It is always fun to visit and see what new plant is in bloom. She really has a great eye for color and putting plants together. Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. tennisluv 07/25/2017

    Karen & Jeanne, thanks for sharing this lovely garden. It is beautiful. My favorites are the first photo with the white rose covered arbor and the Ceanothus (getting ready to order a Ceanothus 'Gloire de Versellies' this fall for my garden). It may not survive in Georgia, but I am going to give it a run for the money before getting more.The cotinus, gazing ball, allium combination is a delightful grouping of similar but different hues of purple. And of course as everyone else has proclaimed the Japanese painted fern and heuchera pot is spot on. I, too, copied the pic to my Container Ideas folder for future 'aping'. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Sonya, thanks for the comments. Karen sure has a knack for putting colors together. She has created a wonderful spot in town. Glad you enjoyed it and it gave you some ideas! Happy gardening!

  12. schatzi 07/25/2017

    Beautiful. The lavender rose and the heuchera-fern combo are my favorites.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Shirley! Glad you liked it!

  13. JoannaAtGinghamGardens 07/25/2017

    Wow, so lovely! That last picture with the picket fence looks like the entrance into an enchanted garden that I would like to visit. Thanks for sharing!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Joanna, yes that is exactly how it feels! Different times of the day brings different lighting and sometimes it seems like a dream walking around. Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. gardencook 07/25/2017

    Lovely gardens and I believe you have succeeded in designing English gardens!!! Everything is so lush and vibrant! Great job!!!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Yes Sandy, Karen really has created a somewhat english garden. She loves england and has been there and brought many ideas into her own oasis. Thanks

  15. user-7008787 07/25/2017

    How beautiful! I love the Coral Bells and ferns!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Linda, isnt that wonderful! The container is awesome too!

      1. user-7008787 07/28/2017

        Thank you!

  16. User avater
    user-7007816 07/25/2017

    Always envious of gardeners from Washington and environs. You guys can grow anything. Very well done.
    A gardener from the middle of Michigan.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Dale, we are quite fortunate to live and garden here. We are happy people! So glad you enjoyed it!

  17. user-7008735 07/25/2017

    Thank you, Karen, for sharing your beautiful garden and, Jeanne, for your lovely photos! I love the climbing roses, the abundant borders, and the plummy associations near the gazing ball, but that Japanese painted fern with the Heuchera is the perfect combination in the perfect planter. Just gorgeous!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Hi Lorraine, you are so welcome! It is a real treasure for sure!

  18. Cenepk10 07/25/2017

    Whoa. Seriously, hard core gorgeous...Beautiful photos

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Yes! Great comment! Happy gardening!

  19. VikkiVA 07/25/2017

    Like many of the others who responded, everything is beautiful but my favorite is the coral bells with the painted fern. I too want to remember that combo for next season. Thanks for sharing all the beauty you have created. Vikki in VA

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      You are welcome Vikki. Glad you enjoyed these!

  20. cynthiamccain 07/26/2017

    Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing!

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Cynthia you are so welcome. Have a great summer!

  21. user-7007498 07/26/2017

    Jeanne, thanks for sharing your photos of Karen's gardens. The gardens on GPOD are wonderful places to visit and get inspired. Everyone brings their own ideas and creativity. Lovely. Like others, I really love the planter box with the Heuchera and Athyrium. Great combo. My favorite garden pic is the one with the Cotinus and the gazing ball. Thanks for brightening my day.

    1. greengenes 07/28/2017

      Nice Kevin! Thats what these photos were supose to do! I love starting my days with plants!!! Have a great summer!

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