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All About Squash Blossoms

The gender divide plays an important role when it comes to these flowers

Danielle Sherry; Edited by: Cari Delahanty

Farmer Joe Smith from Niantic, Connecticut, explains the difference between a male and a female squash blossom.

Squash has female and male blossoms both on one plant. A female blossom is what the squash will grow from. You can see the squash forming at the end of the stem, under the blossom before it has even opened.

The male blossom does not form the squash crop; it just has a stem that goes directly to the blossom. These are the ones we use for cooking and eating.

My favorite thing to do with the male squash blossom is to stuff it with cheese. Open the blossom carefully, place in your preferred slice of cheese, roll it in egg and breadcrumbs, and pan-fry it in a little butter or olive oil. Just flip it once when the bottom is golden brown. The cheese melts inside and the blossom is ready to eat.

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