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A Persistent Late-Summer Garden

Pockets of Jan Murin's Wisconsin garden ate holding tough despite the transition to fall. It's that interesting time of year when gardens have not completely given up and the trees are starting their autumn show. Beautiful!

"There are pockets in the garden that are still putting on a show. The mild weather here in Wisconsin has given the annuals extra life. I took some time out from spreading the 2013 leaf mold to enjoy the beauty."

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  1. User avater
    HelloFromMD 10/14/2015

    Especially love the salvia and dahlia. Great combos. What is the white daisy in the last photo?

    1. Luvfall 10/14/2015

      That is echinacea 'Virgin'. I prefer it over a daisy because of the green seed head.

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/14/2015

    All your colors in your pictures today have such an energizing vibrancy,Jan. I love the deep blue contrasting with the coral orange in the first it a type of salvia leaning in amongst some dahlias? Glad you are having a mild fall so you can continue to enjoy such beautiful combinations.

    1. Luvfall 10/14/2015

      Yes, salvia 'Black and Blue'.

  3. greengenes 10/14/2015

    Beautiful colors, Jan! Isnt it wonderful to be able to still enjoy the trailing end of summer in the midst of fall! The cone flower is still looking good and to the birds as well! They seem to enjoy the seeds in them. But I really enjoy your last picture. The combination is great! Enjoy your seasons ahead! Thanks for sharing with us!

    1. Luvfall 10/14/2015

      Thanks. That combination is all pots on the patio.

  4. Quiltingmamma 10/14/2015

    Vibrant, as mentioned. Great final colour, and lots of the purple and green combos I like so much. I particularly like the last photo with the limey huchera and red of the begonia.

  5. xiemo 10/14/2015

    Best photo of Salvia Black and Blue that I have ever seen - really demonstrates how much it deserves its name. For sure, it is going into my garden next year! Thanks for sharing.

  6. PeonyFan 10/14/2015

    Thanks for sharing. The combination of the sunset-colored dahlia and the blue salvia is masterly!

  7. user-7007140 10/14/2015

    Don't you just love that Black and Blue Salvia? I planted my first one this past year and am certainly intending to add more. Beautiful plant combinations in your garden - so vibrant and especially so in the autumn light. Thank you for sharing with us.

  8. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/14/2015

    Thanks for sharing these great fall vignettes, Jan. They are all wonderful. I love the purple flowers with the Hakone grass in the background. It looks like an annual, but I don't recognize it. Remember what it is?
    Like everyone, I love the color combo of "Black and Blue" with the Dahlia. I dug and overwintered mine last year and it was a big disappointment this year. I was going to let it freeze, but seeing yours has me rethinking that brutality!

    1. Luvfall 10/14/2015

      The purple flowers are Browallia. It's one of my go-to plants for summer-long blooms in the shade. I've never been successful overwintering dahlias and for me the extra bloom time I get from a greenhouse started plant is worth the expense.

  9. GrannyMay 10/14/2015

    Lovely photos! Great examples of why blue is such a popular colour in the garden. Is that Browallia in the second photo?

    1. Luvfall 10/14/2015

      Yes, a favorite of mine.

  10. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 10/14/2015

    Thanks for the late summer garden shots, Jan. If you have this many plants still looking good, maybe it's a sign of a warmer winter. I especially love the Black and Blue Salvia with the orange Dahlia, a combo that we often use in our own garden. Like you, when we grew Dahlias in WI, we always bought new ones each spring. Even here in the PNW, it's hard to successfully overwinter the bulbs that we dig up. It's best to just leave them in the ground, mulch them and hope for the best. Enjoy your lovely fall weather.

  11. Chris_N 10/14/2015

    Jan, wonderful photos. I'm going to have to second all the comments so far. Frost is predicted for Madison Friday and Saturday nights. I hope you manage to miss it. I have to hustle to move my tropicals inside before then.

    1. Luvfall 10/14/2015

      I'm close to Lake Michigan so maybe I'll miss it. Nice this time of year but a curse in the spring.

  12. Chris_N 10/14/2015

    More photos of Jan's wonderful garden can be seen at:

  13. user-4691082 10/14/2015

    That is my very favorite color dahlia! I will be buying some black and blue salvia also! Thanks for more plant envy!

    1. Luvfall 10/14/2015

      It's called Fire Pot

  14. GrannyCC 10/14/2015

    Beautiful colour combinations. It looks like Fall has been very colourful for you.

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