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A Colorful Summer Garden

Let's go down recent memory lane to visit SUMMER! Gerry Saft, a self-proclaimed plant addict, knows how to have fun with color!

"I live on Long Island, New York and have been gardening for many years.  Now that I am retired I've had a lot more time to devote to my small backyard where the chores seem never ending.  But it is definitely a labor of love as all of you gardeners out there know. I started out years ago thinking I would use pinks, blues and purples throughout.  As you can see, that's no longer the case.  I am a flower "addict" and can't help buying whatever I like, no matter the color.  There's just so much out there to love!  In the last couple of years I've really fallen for daylilies.  There are so many varieties and colors that I can never have enough.  I would still like to plant more, but I'm running out of room.  Hope you enjoy my "babies" as much as I do."

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  1. wGardens 11/18/2015

    Beautiful! All of it. Appreciate you sharing your wonderful photos. What is the name of the first featured daylily? Love your splash of color on this 24 degree morning! Thanks!

  2. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/18/2015

    Oooh, you're singing my song, Gerry. Even though I already have a lot of varieties, there always seems to be a new one calling my name. Your final 3 pictures certainly shows off beautifully the new twists and turns the hybridizers are coming up with to tempt us. I'd love to know the names of those super colorful daylilies if you recall and could pop back on the board to tell us. Your flower beds look beautifully cared for...yay for spending lots of time in your garden!

  3. User avater
    HelloFromMD 11/18/2015

    Hi Gerry, Lovely borders! I have a hunger for flowers and if that were my border, I would be satisfied. I'm guessing you are a master of hydrangeas. Looks like hydrangea flowers at the back of the border. Yet they seem to use up the amount of space for a perennial not a shrub. Are you cutting the Hydrangea paniculatas almost to the ground in early spring to get that effect?

  4. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 11/18/2015

    These peak views of your summer garden are wonderful. Love your clean edges and perfect grass for contrast, too. Keep on sharing images of your garden treasures.

  5. user-7007903 11/18/2015

    Absolutely beautiful! Loved all the colors in your garden. The different Daylilies are gorgeous!

  6. hontell 11/18/2015

    now that's what I'm talking about, just a crazy amount of color. i think it looks great, you don't need to color wheel this and opposites attract that to have a pleasing border. I love the combination of shapes and heights, not just among the flowers but the entire plant selection. Thank you Gerry for making my day!

  7. greengenes 11/18/2015

    All so beautiful, Gerry! What color and variety! I am happy for you being able to garden full time! It shows too! The daylilies are so nice. Don't they have wonderful types now! Well I know you are having a great time at being retired and taking care of your babies! Thanks for sharing!

  8. GrannyMay 11/18/2015

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder of summer, Gerry! Your daylily babies are spectacular as are the other perennials and annuals that make up the supporting cast for your great show. Enjoy the addiction!

  9. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 11/18/2015

    Like you, Gerry, we've gardened forever, but retirement gardening is totally different. It's no longer what we have to do on weekends but we look forward to doing every day and we have time to sit back and appreciate our hard work. Your garden would be a lovely place to kick back and enjoy the beauty. Your daylilies are stunning and make me anxious for summer. Thanks for sharing.

  10. johnfan 11/18/2015

    Magnificent garden.

  11. VikkiVA 11/18/2015

    Oh wow! Beautiful flowers everywhere. I wish you had done close up pictures of each of these beauties. I adore daylilies also and those you have are so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your garden. Vikki in VA

  12. Meelianthus 11/18/2015

    Gerry, your labor of love really shows. Isn't it just the most wonderful pastime. I love all of your mix of colors, really beautiful, The day lilies are spectacular (I think I can hear Meander moaning :)
    Thank you for this fresh breath of summer past.

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 11/18/2015

      Ha, oh, yes, Linda, I was definitely hearing my heart go "thump, thump' at those last 3 pictures! I especially love the doubles and the ones with thick curvy pie crust edging.

  13. cynthiamccain 11/18/2015

    What a vibrant lift of color on this gray day in Maryland! Purple, pink, orange--it all seems to work beautifully, Gerry. I retired last year and finally have more time to indulge my gardening addiction. I love looking at others' gardens--thank you for sharing your photos!

  14. schatzi 11/18/2015

    Lush, colorful and gorgeous! I love it! Especially the double orange day lily - would love to know the name, if you recall it. Very bright , happy garden.

  15. Cenepk10 11/18/2015

    Gorgeous ! Love it. Is that really happy spiderwort in pic 5 ? Love the lillies ! Fantastic!!!!

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