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A Garden Transplant in VT

By Kim Charles

Elizabeth Wheaton has successfully moved her perennial gardens to her new home.

"Below are several photos of my perennial gardens. We live in Central Vermont and I have always been an avid gardener. We moved to our house three years ago from our previous home, which had established beds. I brought most of my treasured plants with me when we moved. Each summer I add to my collection (much to my husband's dislike!) and I am quickly taking over our modest .25 acre parcel. I hope one day soon it will look like a jungle!"


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  1. Chefin1950 11/10/2016

    Elizabeth, I'd say you have quite a good start on that jungle. I especially like the 5th photo (3rd from the bottom). I'd be happy to sit on those steps all day! Carry on!

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you, Marsha! We are happy to sit out there all the time!

  2. bsavage 11/10/2016

    Beautiful! That is a labor of love, digging up and replanting so many plants! But obviously, well worth it...

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you, Brenda!

  3. user-7007498 11/10/2016

    Very nice garden, Elizabeth. It was nice that you could bring some of the old, to join the new. I love the hillside shade garden. Nice collection of plants with great texture and form. I really love your porch in the front of your house. Looks like a nice place to sit and look out over the garden. Good luck with your goals of filling the landscape.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you, Kevin. We love the porch too; we are out there as soon as it gets warm in the spring, until the bitter end of Fall!

  4. User avater
    treasuresmom 11/10/2016

    One of my faves is the shade garden. Makes me so jealous ;) I have a little shade but alas it is extremely dry due to the pines that suck all moisture away and flowers just won't survive there.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      We have a lot of shaded area, which I love. I had to do a lot of research on what would survive on that bank because it's mostly shaded and very dry. Not a good combination, but so far so good with the plant choices. We too have very large pines just a few feet from that bank.

  5. user-3565112 11/10/2016

    Congratulations for your new home & the successful relocation of your favorite plants. They look like the've been there forever. The shade garden on the hillside is outstanding.
    Good work & good luck

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you!

  6. user-3282241 11/10/2016

    Hi Elizabeth, I too am moving/moved plants from my house in NY to our central VT house. It certainly is thrilling to see them thrive. I love your shade garden and could only hope that mine would be half as nice. It is where I'm working now.Just beautiful. What are the big white flowers in the shade garden? Thanks and have a nice day.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Hi Gay,
      Those are Annabelle hydrangeas. We have mostly shade in our lot, as we are surrounded by large pine trees and other homes. That's ok though, I love the shade plants. Good luck with your project, fellow Vermonter!

  7. User avater
    meander_michaele 11/10/2016

    So nice that you were able to bring some faves with you to your new gardening situation. Daylilies and hosta are such good sports about about being divided and making themselves at home. Your hillside shade area is delightful ..."cramscaping" (have we definitively decided who among our gifted commenters first introduced us to that fun word?) at its best.

    1. hontell 11/10/2016

      I blame Tim, but his yard defines it perfectly

    2. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you!

  8. NCYarden 11/10/2016

    I applaud your tremendous effort to transplant your garden favorites. I know I would do the same. Love the sloped shade garden...beautiful.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you! Transplanting is a major effort and my hands were dirty for a long time; but that's the way I like it!

  9. Chris_N 11/10/2016

    Beautiful garden, Elizabeth! Everything seems to be growing so well. Wonderful clematis in the 3rd photo. Do you know what variety it is? It took me a moment to recognize the plume poppy in the 6th photo. It's great to have an area where it can show off. Is it aggressive for you?

    1. User avater
      meander_michaele 11/10/2016

      The clematis reminds me of one I have called 'Madame Julia Correvon' but this one pictured seems to have consistently 4 sepals. I'm thinking the one I grow has 5 sepals.

    2. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Hi Chris,
      The clematis variety is 'Sweet summer love'. I have had the macleaya for two summers now, and I don't think it is any more aggressive than sone of my other plants. The root system is shallow so they are easy to pull out. They spread by runners. I love large showy plants.

  10. sumhillgardener 11/10/2016

    Love the exuberant garden and the house and front porch . Great details on the house --- so cozy. Stone steps through the shade garden are so well done as is the garden. Lights are such fun. Great job !

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you, Sally! We have mostly shade so the plants I brought were right at home. I have a large hosta collection which seems to keep growing at a fast rate. The stone steps I put in the first year we moved here. The bank needed some landscaping - any blank outdoor space around here is prime garden material for me!

  11. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 11/10/2016

    Congrats on your successful move! Looks like you've brought some treasures. The Macleaya looks great and I love the path with the shaded garden.
    I'm going to cheer you on in your efforts to take over your plot and create a jungle!

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you!

  12. user-7008113 11/10/2016

    Congratulations. Many of my babies are coming with as well. I was hesitant about moving someday because my garden is all that matters when it comes to property. I have learned from realtors that when the house is shown, that I am to tag the take with plants ahead of time.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      I know! This is our "longer term" home, but I've already worried about leaving my plants someday when we move to a smaller house.

  13. sheila_schultz 11/10/2016

    My goodness Elizabeth, you have been incredibly busy for the last 3 growing seasons and either your soil is very rich or you have done a heck of a lot amending! Your dream of being surrounded by a jungle is quickly becoming reality...yay!

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you! I have done some amending in certain areas, that bank was all root and fibrous material so I added a lot of compost!

  14. thevioletfern 11/10/2016

    I am a jungle gardening style sorta gal myself and I am certain you'll be swinging through the vines in no time! It looks filled in already and beautiful. See that Plume Poppy and I go "ah." I have a fondness for plants that take over, I think. I moved from Maine to a blank lot of grass and didn't take any plants with me. People who visit my garden can't believe that there was nothing here. Enjoy this phase! Soon you will be deciding how (not where) to fit in a new plant. Sure the VT soil is kind and love that stone!

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you, Kathy. The more wild looking, the better! I like large plants that spread quickly also. Although, I haven't met too many plants that I don't like ?

  15. Beezos 11/10/2016

    Beautiful! You go girl!

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016


  16. Sunshine111 11/10/2016


    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you!

  17. wittyone 11/10/2016

    You're doing a great job of jungle-making. i say every woman should have her own private jungle. If it makes you happy that will rebound to your husband two-fold in the long run.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you! I agree with you, every woman should have her own jungle; gardening is so therapeutic!

  18. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 11/10/2016

    Nice work at moving your perrenials, Elizabeth. I would love to have done that but the journey from WI to WA may have proved too much for them. Thankfully, there are many nurseries in WA eager to fulfill my plant lust. You have done a great job at creating a new happy environment for your plant babies.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      The timing was just right, and it worked out, but it was a lot of work to get them all back in the ground amidst a house full of boxes and two small children!

  19. GrannyCC 11/10/2016

    Hi Elizabeth
    I did this many years ago and the plants are still thriving. Your garden is wonderful and you obviously take special care of your plants.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you! I spend so much time on my gardens. They give back so much though!

  20. schatzi 11/10/2016

    The mark of a true plant lover: the plants come too! Great job.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you!

  21. Meelianthus 11/10/2016

    Elizabeth, looks like your 'jungle' is coming along beautifully. Your hillside shade garden is so full and lush and very healthy looking. You have done a beautiful job with your transplants in just a few years

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/10/2016

      Thank you so much!!

  22. wGardens 11/11/2016

    You have done a fabulous job.... looks like everything has been there for a long time. I love your hillside shade garden! Great accents with the birdhouses, also. Beautiful clematis! How old is your home? Looks like a beauty!!
    Made me chuckle when you mentioned having a "jungle", my dear aging neighbor affectionately calls my yard a "jungle".

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you, Margaret. Our home was built in 1901. It was built as a parsonage. My mother-in-law bought me that clematis; it's the "sweet summer love" variety. The color is really great when it's all in bloom and the foliage is really wispy. I love the idea of being surrounded by plants that are allowed to grow a little wild, and it sounds like you might too!

  23. greengenes 11/11/2016

    Well on your way to the Wheaton jungle Elizabeth! I love your choices of plants and I hope your husband will be won over by the beauty you are creating! Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      Thank you! My kids even say "no more plants, mommy!", every time we drive by a greenhouse.

  24. grannieannie1 11/11/2016

    When we flew over the northeast the airline pilot tipped the wing to point out your garden as "Now you've seen the only jungle in Vermont, folks!" ; ) Seeing your lush plantings close-up was exciting, especially the vibrant colors which I crave. Thank you for sharing with us as you button up your treasures for the winter.

    1. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

      That made me laugh! Glad to share photos, and I'm happy you liked seeing them!

  25. elizabeth_wheaton 11/11/2016

    Hi Diane, there was no way I would have left some of my plants! I had taken care of them for 10+ years. Can you imagine starting over with all new plants? It would be impossible! Thank you for your sweet comments!

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