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A Garden That Frames Tidal Views to Perfection

By: Kim Charles

Dahlia, Salvia 'Purple Rain', Russian sage, Eupatorium

Complete with sweeping views and a garden that focuses on plants in the pink, purple and blue families, highlights of "Pondfield," in York, Maine, are perfectly captured by our dedicated GPOD'er, Lily Jacobi.

"This was the second garden I visited on a cold, gray, rainy garden conservancy open day. The welcome table was within a garage, and we were told to step into the courtyard to see the front of the house, and then walk through the closed gate to the back of the house. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the courtyard at the front of the house and discovered this vibrant display of red and yellow colored flowers popping up against a bright red house.

I was further astounded once I opened the gate and walked into the backyard. My jaw dropped. I stood there and gazed in wonderment and could not stop taking pictures. I was blown away."

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Plants from the front courtyard consist of:Lantana 'Dallas Red', Rudebeckia 'Goldsturm', Rudebeckia 'Denver Daisy', Heliopsis 'Summer Nights', Heliopsis 'Summer Sun', Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff', Ligularia 'The Rocket'. 

Views through the garden gate and into the backyard.This entire property is a collaboration between the homeowner and Landscape and Garden Designer Jackie Nooney; who has quite the eye if you ask me!  Apparently, this talent seems to run in the family.  Her sister Jill Nooney and her husband own and also designed Bedrock Gardens in Lee, New Hampshire. Another fine garden previously featured on this page.

This view looks over Barrel Pond and the York River beyond. 

I have never seen a garden so thoughtfully composed with regard to color. Everything flowed together. It was a garden designer's dream.  I really was blown away, and I used to do this for a living!

Agastache 'Kudos Ambrosia', Gomphrena, Heliotropium, Agastache 'Blue Fortune' 

Hibiscus 'Kopper King', Gomphrena, Salvia, Butterfly bush 

A view of the Wiggly Bridge and the York River

Gomphrena 'Fireworks', which really popped out at me as I had never seen it before. 

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  1. frankgreenhalgh 10/17/2017

    Hey Lily - Definitely 'jaw dropping'. Amazing views both in the front and back yards. The river in the background adds considerable to the appeal. I also like the lovely curved garden beds. Nice photography despite the weather - it seems that you strike some overcast days on your garden ventures! Thanks for sharing pics. of your visit. Cheers from Oz

  2. user-7007498 10/17/2017

    Lily, Thanks for sharing the photos of this lovely garden. I am so impressed that you took the time to get the names of the cultivars. Wow.

    The yellow against the house was brilliant, indeed. The borrowed views of the water and the way the garden plantings frame the view is so beautiful. Even the weather can't take away from the beauty of this garden.

    Love G. 'Fireworks'. Will have to look for that next year. Interesting accent.

  3. User avater
    treasuresmom 10/17/2017

    Wow! Everything is gorgeous!

  4. Maggieat11 10/17/2017

    Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  5. anitaberlanga 10/17/2017

    wow! unbelievably gorgeous!

  6. hontell 10/17/2017

    wow, the lawn as a path is perfect, the colors are stunning, thank you Lily for sharing

  7. sheila_schultz 10/17/2017

    That view through the gate is pretty darn amazing! The soft, undulating sweep of the garden gently echoes the natural curves of the river. Beautiful. I'm with Kevin in my appreciation of G. Fireworks. I discovered that beauty a number of years ago and made sure I grabbed at least a flat of them to add to my gardens every season when they were available. It's an awesome annual!

  8. fredwiman 10/17/2017

    What an incredible garden!

  9. OneKSGardner 10/17/2017

    This garden is breathtakingly beautiful! I love the color combinations. Is the garden irrigated? How do you keep it looking so flawless? Do you spray for bug, etc??

  10. User avater
    LindaonWhidbey 10/17/2017

    Thanks, Lily, for another gorgeous garden tour. These people really held true to their color scheme without too much repetition and it lends a peaceful cohesiveness that fits their setting.
    Thanks for the ID’s, too. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for g. Fireworks.

  11. User avater
    Tim_Zone_Denial_Vojt 10/17/2017

    Thanks for taking us on another tour of an amazing garden, Lily. What a setting!

  12. user-7008735 10/17/2017

    My favourite flower colours! I know that yellow can make the blues pop, but I really like how they've kept the "hot" colours together in the courtyard garden and paired the blues with shades of pink and purple for a softer look. Gorgeous views of the water! Thanks for sharing, Lily.

  13. user-783091 10/17/2017

    Wow! Great garden.....and what a view!

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Ray.

  14. btucker9675 10/17/2017

    My garden envy measurement system just went right off the scale.... wow, what a gorgeous garden and to-die-for setting!

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      It was truly beautiful and magical. I’m glad you enjoyed it Beth!

  15. cheryl_c 10/17/2017

    Lily, my goodness what a feast for the eyes. I love it that the day was overcast, so the soft colors in the 'back' gardens were not washed out. Incredible colors - I was gone with the first picture! So fun to see people choosing bold house colors then designing gardens to play off the boldness. Your photos and careful plant ID are fabulous. Growers, beware - you will need to start many more G. fireworks this year to satisfy all of us GPOD'ers!

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      I know! I am in agreement. I need to find it too!

  16. User avater
    meander_michaele 10/17/2017

    What an awesome treat these pictures are as my lunchtime companions. Ha, turns out my sandwich is still sitting to the side as I look at these photo again and again. I totally concur that that initial view once through the gates is jaw droopingly beautiful. The color echoes are sublime and for such a full and varied garden, the overall impression is that it in lovely harmony with nature. Thanks so much for being such a dedicated photographer.

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      I am glad you enjoyed this as much as I did!

  17. user-6536305 10/17/2017

    My jaw dropped as I am viewing the photos and have to use one hand to hold it. This is heaven on earth. Thanks for sharing and ID. I like your commentary. Where is this garden?

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      It is a private garden in York Maine. It was on the garden conservancy’s open garden days this past August.

  18. foxglove12 10/17/2017

    Gorgeous! I could Garden there all day!

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      That’s funny Laurie! I could’ve sat on the deck all day and enjoyed the view.?

  19. NCYarden 10/17/2017

    Stunning! And what a bonus with the additional water view backdrop. Amazed to see so many of these perennials looking so tidy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      The garden is a labor of love I am sure. It was a delight to see.

  20. User avater
    DawnMT 10/17/2017

    Absolutely inspiring. Love the color theme.

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Dawn!

  21. tennisluv 10/17/2017

    Lily, thanks for sharing your tour of the well done space in which the owners live. Late getting onto our favorite blog as I as playing in a tennis tournament today. I love all the colors as they are the colors that I am incorporating in my new landscape. You must have truly enjoyed your visit.

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      I did! I’m still dreaming about it!

  22. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

    I’m glad you enjoyed it Diane it was absolutely lovely.

  23. mjensen 10/18/2017

    wow beautiful/

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      Thank you!

  24. darylsavage 10/18/2017

    Gorgeous. The only thing I don't like are the white urns in the front. They look out of place.

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017

      I am glad you mostly enjoyed it Daryl! ?

  25. User avater
    gringopeligroso 10/18/2017

    Just a quick note before I turn in...and it's already tomorrow....(this is my busiest month...)
    Great tour and a Wow factor which illustrates something I've begun doing in my gardens this year: Groups and numbers!! It's nice when one has the elbow room!!
    MY agastache doesn't look nearly that impressive, but, since I'm just learning how to grow it, your pix give me hope and inspiration!! The Butterflies appreciate my meager efforts so far, tho!!
    A little surprised the Autumnal colours haven't hit up there, yet, but they're running late down here, too. Not griping, mind you; simply an observation!
    Tomorrow, I hope to take a day off to go to take in the Crystal Bridges Gardens in NW Arkansas with my sweetie. It's her Birthday and Chihullly has planted an exhibit there for a couple more weeks. Unfortunately, she's fighting a bug so may have to delay celebrations and tour for a couple/few days. (Where's the handi-wipes? I DON'T want it!!!) Your tour and photos have me excited!!
    And, add me to the lengthening list of FireWorks fans. I discovered it years ago, but have been unable to score some every season. I reckon the word's getting out. I HAVE found some the last 2 seasons, and just FYI: While the plants are heat lovers but annuals, my experiments and observations show that the seeds are hardy this far South!!! While I installed more this year, most of the high summer show came from volunteers from last year!!! Hopefully this year's seeds will again sprout next June and continue the circle!!

    1. Sunshine111 10/18/2017


      So good to hear from you!?

      I was just talking to a friend of mine, that I have not yet had a hard frost at my house in New Hampshire. Not really sure why that is, maybe it’s my work with the nature spirits but I have not been hit yet.

      The photos from this particular garden were taken in August, so definitely not during frost season. It is one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever visited because of the flowers, the pallette and the location on the river. Simply gorgeous, stupendous actually.

      Things are winding down in my yard, I’m bringing in plants slowly but surely. Still have a few outside though that I need to figure out where I’m putting indoors.

      It’s a slow process this year for whatever reason. Just doing it in bits and pieces.

      I am glad that you’re visiting and Crystal Bridges. I just heard about it the other day, and thought it would be a fun place to visit one of these days myself. Enjoy! And i hope your wife feels better soon.

  26. cynthiamccain 10/18/2017

    Simply outstanding!

  27. JoannaAtGinghamGardens 10/19/2017

    Wow, just wow! If perfection is possible in a garden, then one certainly hit the mark. Thanks for sharing, Lily. I love your virtual garden tours.

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