Genus: Wax bells


Courtesy of White Flower Farm
Wax bells (Kirengeshoma)
Grown for their elegant, deeply lobed, maple-like leaves and waxy bell-shaped flowers, the one or two species of Kirengeshoma work well in a woodland garden or shady border. They are native to Korea and Japan. The flowers bloom late in the season and are followed by 3-pronged seed capsules. A great shade garden plant.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Maple-like foliage and waxy, nodding flowers.     
Care:  Choose a sheltered site in partial shade. Grow in moist, acidic, leafy soil.

Carefully divide plants as soon as new growth starts in spring, or sow seed in a cold frame when ripe or in early spring.


New growth may be damaged by slugs and snails.

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Yellow wax-bells
Kirengeshoma palmata