Genus: Rock rose


Steve Aitken
Rock rose (Cistus)
Members of the genus Cistus are evergreen shrubs grown for their showy, saucer-shaped white to dark pink flowers, usually 5-petaled and borne singly or in terminal or axillary clusters from early to late summer.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Native to dry, stony, or rocky soils in the Canary Islands, North Africa, Turkey, and southern Europe. Species vary in leaf shape and color, bloom size and color. Often short-lived. Blooms last one day.
Care:  Poor to moderately fertile, well-drained soil in a sheltered site in full sun. Plant after danger of frost has passed. Tolerates alkaline soils. Pinch back after flowering to encourage a bushy habit. Grow in a shrub border, on sunny banks, at the base of a wall, around paved areas, or in containers.

Root softwood or greenwood cuttings in summer.



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Rock rose
Cistus albidus