Genus: Rain lily


Brent Heath
Rain lily (Habranthus)
Plants in the genus Habranthus are bulbous perennials from dry, upland slopes in temperate South America. Funnel-shaped flowers, similar to amaryllis, appear from summer to autumn. Shortly thereafter, seed capsules develop and open to reveal black seeds. Use in containers, rock gardens, or at the front of a border.
Care:  Pest-free and not demanding of any special soil, rain lilies enjoy sun and good drainage. Plant them 3 to 4 inches apart in bold groups, with the tops of the bulbs at soil level. Keep them moist while growing but on the dry side when dormant. They can be grown in a cool greenhouse or, where marginally hardy, at the base of a warm, sunny wall.

Sow seed at 61°F as soon as ripe. Remove offsets in winter and pot up separately.



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Rain lily
Habranthus robustus