Genus: Calendula


Jennifer Benner
These vigorous, bushy annuals and perennials have aromatic leaves and yellow or orange, rather flat, chrysanthemum-like flowers over a long period. The blooms attract butterflies and make good cut flowers. The genus is made up of 20 to 30 species from an area ranging from Southern Europe to North Africa. Grow in a border, cottage garden, or in containers.
Noteworthy characteristics:  Fast-growing. Aromatic leaves. Long blooming. Good cut flowers.
Care:  Site in full sun or partial shade in well-drained soil of moderate fertility. Deadhead regularly.

Sow seeds where they are to grow in spring or autumn, providing protection for autumn-sown seedlings if necessary.

Species, varieties and clutivars for genus Calendula

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Pot marigold
Calendula officinalis

White smut, rust, gray mold, cucumber mosaic virus, aster yellows, powdery mildew, fungal leaf spots, aphids, whiteflies, snails, slugs.