yellow plants

  • close up of golden ragwort with lots of yellow flowers in bloom

    Floral Sunshine From Barb

    This is Barb Mrgich, Master Gardener from Adams County, Pennsylvania. I have sent in several entries in the past. (Butterflies in Barb's Garden and Barb's Favorite Photos ) I love…

  • close up of bright yellow azalea flowers

    Floral Sunshine

    Yellow is a polarizing color for flowers. Some people think it is brassy and loud and unpleasant. Others find it sunny and cheerful. The sunny warmth of yellow can cheer…

  • close up of Flame azalea with orange flowers

    Hot Flowers Worth Growing

    January is a good time to look back at other times in the garden, and today, with the winter cold and snow all around, I thought I’d take a look…

  • hot colored plants

    Hot-Colored Plants Are Perfect for Adding Warmth to Your Garden

    If you are looking to add more interest and color to the garden, hot-colored plants are the way to go. In summertime, these plants help bring the sunshine in with…