winter plants

  • snowy garden with moon gate

    Snow in Carol’s Garden

    Carol Verhake gardens in Berwyn, Pennsylvania (Zone 7a), and after two years without getting any snow, she got a beautiful snowfall this winter. Here are some shots she took of…

  • Design

    Andy’s Best Plants for the Winter Garden

    Andy Schenk of Malvern, Pennsylvania, calls his garden “Look Again Garden,” and today he is sharing some photos that will certainly make you look again, as these are some of…

  • Design

    January in Carol’s Garden

    January may not seem like a very flowery time for most gardeners, but today we’re looking at what was blooming in January in Carol Verhake’s garden in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. Her…

  • evergreen plants in containers on either side of front steps of home

    The Best Dwarf Evergreens for Winter Containers

    No garden is complete without at least a few containers for seasonal color. I always specify locations for planters when I create a new landscape design, with the intention of…

  • late-winter blooming plants

    Late-Winter Blooming Plants for Pollinators in Pacific Northwest

    After the torrential rains of December, it is a wonder that anything is blooming in Pacific Northwest gardens. Thankfully there are great plants that survive the downpours and even flourish…

  • underappreciated winter plants

    Episode 151: Underappreciated Plants for Winter Interest

    During the winter months many plants reveal subtle patterns, fine details, and a new range of colors that help us to see familiar beds and borders with fresh eyes. This…

  • close up of a Thuja branch busted in snow and ice

    Winter Beauty in New Hampshire

    Today we're visiting Robin Hess's garden. I set out to try and find some winter interest in my New Hampshire garden. There isn't any vibrant color here in January, but…

  • garden during a snow storm

    Carla’s January Gardening

    Carla Z Mudry is sharing her garden with us today. I know it sounds crazy, but you actually can garden in January! I have this giant Japanese maple we inherited…

  • garden bed with colorful conifers and evergreens in winter

    Winter Interest in Jay’s Garden

    We’re visiting award-winning garden designer Jay Sifford’s home garden today. We’ve visited it before in other seasons, but today he’s sharing how it looks in winter. I designed my garden…

  • Episode 127: Plants for Winter’s Worst

    Episode 127: Plants for Winter’s Worst

    Much like the United States Postal Service, these plants will not let rain, nor sleet, nor driving snow stop them from pulling through the worst winter weather imaginable. It can…