water-wise gardening

  • crevice garden

    How to Build a Crevice Garden

    If this is the first time you’ve come across the phrase “crevice garden,” it won’t be the last. This style of gardening is on the tongues of every gardening taste…

  • drought-tolerant garden ideas

    Gorgeous Drought-Tolerant Garden Plans and Ideas

    We watch The Weather Channel a lot in my household. There’s even a family joke that my husband missed his calling by not becoming a meteorologist. Nearly every morning starts…

  • drought-resistant garden

    Tips for Creating a Drought-Tolerant Landscape

    Drought-tolerant landscapes come in all shapes and sizes. From a large, expansive bed that runs the entire length of a property line to a small nook that bakes all day…

  • drought-resistant plants

    How to Identify a Drought-Tolerant Plant

    Characteristics such as size, color, and texture can help you determine whether a plant might be a good candidate for a dry garden. There are exceptions to every rule, however,…

  • large dinosaur statue in a meadow garden

    Gardening in Altadena Meadows

    Today we’re in Altadena Meadows, California, visiting Andrea Donnellan’s beautiful garden. This is a space she created with the designer Arturo Pedroza. He designed the garden and put in the…

  • water-wise garden

    Design a Water-Wise Garden

    Being more conscious of the water used in gardens is not a responsibility left only to those who experience extreme droughts. If you live in an area that gets regular…

  • Xeric plantings

    Xeriscape Gardening

    If you’ve lived in the Mountain West for any period of time, you know the importance of water. Throughout our winters, we watch snowpack totals accumulate in our mountains, and…

  • How-To

    Water-Wise Tips for the Heat of Summer

    Midsummer can be brutally hot and dry in the Mid-Atlantic region. Frequent heat waves and dry spells result in the biggest chore of the summer—watering. However, a few changes can…

  • conserve water
    Kitchen Gardening

    10 Ways to Conserve Water in the Garden

    Put these water-wise garden tips to work in your garden and save water, time, and time.