urban gardening

  • rooftop pollinator garden

    An Urban Rooftop Garden for Pollinators

    Each morning my partner, Steve, and I head up to our rooftop to greet the bees as they begin their days’ work. After all, time is honey. While I sometimes…

  • bold modern planting plan

    Planting Plan for a Bold, Modern Garden

    When Robin Parsons took on the job of designing this Zone 8b garden overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, she had a challenge on her hands. The steel-and-glass home was situated…

  • urban garden design for a modern home

    A Stunning Modern Landscape Design for a Contemporary Home

    This modern Seattle home was built on a bluff overlooking Puget Sound in Zone 8b. When I first took on the project, the steel-and-glass house stood on a dirt-and-gravel work…

  • cardinal at a bird bath

    A Garden in the Concrete Jungle, Part 2

    Yesterday we got to visit Patrick and Dorothy Smyth’s garden on a corner lot in the concrete jungle of Toronto, Canada, and today we’re back for more! Patrick and Dorothy…

  • Design

    Townhome Living With Flowers

    Today we’re visiting Shelly Zylstra, who has created an incredible garden at her townhome in Tinley Park, Illinois. If you’ve ever thought you’d like to have an amazing garden but…

  • Design

    Big Apple Roses

    Today’s photos come from David Tillyer, who gardens in a very unusual space—a good reminder that if you don’t have space for a garden, you can almost always find somewhere…