tree peonies

  • how to grow tree peonies

    How to Grow Tree Peonies in the Northeast

    We gardeners in the Northeast are notorious for complaining about the weather, particularly about our cold, snowy winters and what often seems like too-short, too-hot summers, yet this four-season climate…

  • peony border with pink and red flowers

    Success with Peonies in the Northeast

    Adding peonies (Paeonia spp. and cvs., Zones 3-8) to a garden brings enormous value. They are very long-lived and often are passed down from generation to generation. Once established, a…

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    Tree Peonies and Other Beauties

    Today we’re visiting with Elle Ronis in her Stamford, Connecticut, garden. We’ve visited this incredible garden before (Flowers Big and Small), and it is always a pleasure to see the…

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    Flowers Big and Small

    Today’s photos come from Elle Ronis, whose 15-year-old garden is remarkably beautiful and diverse. Tufa is a porous limestone rock that is prized for making rock gardens like this. Combining…

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    Tree Peonies Blossom in Dappled Shade

    These easy-to-grow shrubs add romance and fragrance to the garden