Tree Diseases

  • Oak wilt symptoms

    What Is Oak Wilt and How Do You Treat It?

    Oak wilt kills hundreds of thousands of oaks (Quercus spp. and cvs. Zones 3–11) in the Midwest and beyond every year, but what is it? Oak wilt is caused by a…

  • conifer tree disease

    Learn to Prevent and Control This Common Conifer Tree Disease

    If you’ve ever had a beloved plant with a foliage malady, you may know firsthand the sadness of seeing that cherished garden gem slowly decline and die. Among the suspects…

  • How-To

    What’s Wrong With That Tree?

    Cracks and splits, mushrooms, hollows, tilting trunks, and dead wood are all signs that a mature specimen may be in trouble

  • Fast-growing Trees to Avoid

    Fast-growing Trees to Avoid

    Many trees take decades to reach full size, and in this fast-paced world, not everyone has the patience to wait that long. Some trees that grow quickly have undesirable qualities…