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    Green Heroes: Plants Making a Positive Environmental Impact

    This article has the potential to be very short. That is because most garden plants provide some type of environmental benefit to their immediate surroundings—assuming they are chosen appropriately for…

  • sustainable garden design

    Digging Deeper Into Sustainable Garden Design

    What does it mean to have a sustainable garden? To some, it means having a landscape that does everything possible to support the local ecosystem. To others, the concept is…

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    How to Make a More Sustainable Lawn

    Patience is the key ingredient when creating sustainable landscapes that include lawns. The “quick and easy” approach—tilling the soil, working in amendments, rolling the soil to create a level base,…

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    Plants for a Rain Garden

    Why Plant a Rain Garden? Aside from being beautiful, a rain garden can serve a functional purpose in protecting our environment. Human action has created a storm runoff problem. Parking…