summer plants

  • summer container plants

    Exciting Container Plants for Summer

    I’m particularly fond of big, gaudy plants, but I like teeny tiny ones too. Large-leaved tropical plants really take the heat and can do wonders for planters around pool decks…

  • warm-season grass

    Warm-Season Ornamental Grasses for Mid-Atlantic Gardens

    Warm-season perennial ornamental grasses are well suited for the garden spotlight, with their subtle leaf hues, exuberant textures, and interesting habits. They put out substantial early foliage that adds textural…

  • large planting of Rudbeckia flowers in foreground of garden beds

    Tom’s Garden ABCs

    Today’s photos are from Tom. Hello from Zone 6 near Buffalo, New York! I’ve been growing with my garden for more than two decades, and my garden has been a…

  • clumps of bright pink flowers with white and light green foliage plants bordering behind

    Traffic-Stopping Petunias in Ray’s Garden

    Today we are seeing photos of Ray Jones's garden. My garden is on new construction. This was a pasture a few years ago and is in Palo, Iowa, Zone 4b/5a.…

  • garden bed full of annual and perennial flowers

    One Year in a New Garden

    This is Joseph, your GPOD editor, welcoming you to my new garden in South Bend, Indiana. I moved here almost exactly a year ago. When I moved in, the garden…

  • summer bloomers for heat

    Best Summer-Flowering Plants for Texas and Other Drought-Prone Areas

    As temperatures soar, many plants turn to survival mode. Annuals and perennials that may have bloomed with abandon in May or June shut down production until cooler temperatures return. But…

  • heat tolerant ornamental grass

    3 Great Heat-Tolerant Grasses for the Northwest

    When sitting outside in summer, I often appreciate the grasses planted in my garden. I fell in love with grasses several years ago and enjoy adding them to perennial and…

  • heat-tolerant perennials

    Heat-Tolerant Native Perennials for the Midwest

    While the warm days of summer bring out some of the best in our gardens, challenges to our plantings may be exacerbated by both lengthy stretches of drought and prolonged…

  • hanging basket full of pink flowers over the garden pond

    Katie’s Garden Redesign

    Today we’re visiting with Katie Kagler in Hudson, Ohio. My garden was first featured on the GPOD in 2013 (Katie's Garden in Ohio). In 2019, we put an addition on…

  • bush clovers

    Best of the Bush Clovers: Trial Plant Results

    By the time August rolls around, I’m looking for something new in the garden to pique my interest. I’m not quite ready for fall plants to take their turn, so…