summer plants

  • big mass of sunflowers

    A Sunflower Festival

    Today, regular GPOD contributor Cherry Ong from British Columbia, Canada, is sharing photos from a trip she took recently. Thought your readers would enjoy some photos from my visit to…

  • ‘American Gold Rush’ black-eyed Susan Rudbeckia × ‘American Gold Rush’

    A Trouble-Free Black-Eyed Susan

    When I think of black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckia spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9), my mind conjures up images of the gold rush of the late 1800s, with covered wagons racing across…

  • ‘Zeba’ lily Lilium ‘Zeba’

    This Lily Has Colorful Summer Blooms Full of Fragrance

    If a flower were to bloom only once a year, shouldn’t it be unique, captivating, and groundbreaking in many ways? I would like to introduce you to an exciting breakthrough…

  • 3 Steadfast Summer Bloomers

    3 Steadfast Summer Bloomers

    I am addicted to acquiring new plants, perhaps more than most people. If you tell me all the glorious details of a recent introduction, I will buy it by the…

  • Design

    Summer Stars That Beat the Heat

    August is a month that discourages even the most tenacious gardeners. Amid sweltering heat, stifling humidity, drought, and a general listlessness, most gardeners retreat to the drone of the air…