summer garden

  • summer container plants

    Exciting Container Plants for Summer

    I’m particularly fond of big, gaudy plants, but I like teeny tiny ones too. Large-leaved tropical plants really take the heat and can do wonders for planters around pool decks…

  • poolside garden bed with containers and hydrangeas

    Lisa’s North Carolina Garden

    Hi! My name is Lisa and I’m new to gardening. I started with a bare yard when we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Toronto in 2017—a whole new world…

  • border garden bed with orange heuchera and dark elderberry

    Veronica’s Delaware Garden

    Today we're visiting Veronica Labate's garden. When I was a child my mother would give me Jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum, Zones 4–9) to take to school for show and tell. I…

  • bright red poppy flowers in the sun

    Summer in a UK Garden

    I’m always excited when I see an email from Istvan Dudas in the GPOD inbox. Today he’s sharing photos taken by Ukrainian photographer Maria Savoskula of the Stockcross House garden…

  • front yard garden later in spring with a large shrub in bloom

    Gardening With Groundhogs in Massachusetts

    We’re visiting with Beth Britt today. I have been gardening on a tiny lot (about an eighth of an acre) in a western suburb of Boston for the last 25…

  • round metal garden arch surrounded by plants

    Phillip’s Missouri Garden

    Today we’re visiting Philip Mueller's beautiful garden in a suburb of St. Louis. The lush borders are packed with plants. In the foreground here, a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum, Zones…

  • large vine covering the front of a building

    GPOD on the Road: Garden Tour With Cherry

    This week we’re on the road with Cherry Ong again, looking back at some gardens she got to visit on a garden tour organized by the Toronto Botanical Garden. Today…

  • close up of purple Foxgloves flower spires

    Mary’s Perfectly Imperfect Garden

    Mary gardens in Zone 6a on what she calls her “Imperfect Acre.” She likes to celebrate gardening with all the flaws and to remind everyone that a garden doesn’t have…

  • wide view of the garden at dusk

    GPOD on the Road: Fellows Riverside Gardens

    Today we’re in Youngstown, Ohio, visiting the Fellows Riverside Gardens, a beautiful spot that is gorgeous, extensive, and completely free to all visitors thanks to a dedicated group of donors,…

  • garden beds with pink, purple, and yellow flowers

    Return to Zita’s Garden

    Today we’re in Evanston, Illinois (just outside Chicago), visiting with Zita Swindells. A few years back I sent in pictures of my postconstruction garden (Surviving Construction in the Garden)—nice bones,…