summer garden

  • Tropical-Looking Plants

    Tropical-Looking Plants for Hot Southern Summers

    To us, tropical-looking plants are plants that thrive in the heat and that add a lot of bright color to the summer garden. They are perennial but disappear for the…

  • garden bed full of purple flowers

    Born to Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Elaine Esposito. My love for gardening started over 60 years ago when my grandfather, who lived next door, had every variety of flower on his very…

  • best phlox

    Growing Creeping Phlox and Annual Phlox in the Midwest

    Most gardeners are familiar with garden phlox (Phlox paniculata and cvs., Zones 4–8), woodland phlox (P. divaricata and cvs., Zones 3–8), and the two common species referred to as creeping…

  • Peachie Keen' agastache

    ‘Peachie Keen’ Agastache Is a Jaw-Dropping Hummingbird Magnet

    If you are looking to draw attention to your garden this summer, look no further than ‘Peachie Keen’ agastache. This perennial shines with alluring summer blooms and fragrance that make…

  • Lottys Love rugosa rose

    This Low-Maintenance Rugosa Rose Puts on an Impressive Show

    In the spring of 2017, I was sent four plants of an unnamed rugosa rose for trialing at the University of Tennessee Gardens in Jackson. They were planted in unamended…

  • Venusta Queen of the Prairie

    ‘Venusta’ Queen of the Prairie Thrives in Wet Conditions

    Looking to make an impression in the garden? Check out ‘Venusta’ queen of the prairie—an impressive perennial that rises to the occasion to create a bold, dramatic scene. This underutilized…

  • growing summer allium

    Growing Summer Alliums: Conditions and Care

    When given proper conditions and care, summer alliums are stellar, reliable performers in the landscape. Here are some insights into growing summer alliums that can help you manage and enjoy…

  • summer alliums

    The Best Summer Alliums to Grow: Plant Trial Results

    Some years ago, during a midsummer trip to Wisconsin, I found myself transfixed by a vast planting of ‘Summer Beauty’ allium dotted throughout with taller bright pink coneflowers (Echinacea spp.…

  • garden bed with flamingo garden art

    Jonathan’s Guster Pool Garden

    Today’s photos come from Jonathan Harris, in Maine, who is sharing the garden around his pool, which he calls his Guster Pool Garden, because there are signs on the fence…

  • garden bed for full of pink flowers

    Terry’s Creative North Carolina Garden

    Today we’re in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where Terry combines beautiful plants with unusual pieces of garden art and sculpture made from repurposed materials. Money plant (Lunaria annua, Zones 5–9) is…