Summer Flowers

  • eremurmus

    Spectacular Summer Flowering Bulbs for the Pacific Northwest 

    Spring is fading fast, and memories of the daffodil and tulip bulbs that we filled our beds and containers with are starting to fade also. Now is the time to…

  • rose covered in yellow blooms growing across a porch fence

    Connie’s New Garden

    Today’s photos are from Connie Raines in Georgia. I am a hobby gardener and a professional interior designer. I learned about plants and flowers while tending my own small city…

  • close up of bright orange daylily

    Anticipating the Colors of Summer

    Today’s photos are from Lee. The winter was a mellow one here in the Mohawk Valley in central New York State. Spring has been fairly warm, but I can't wait…

  • large climbing rose with light pink flowers

    Best of the GPOD: Roses

    We get to see tons of beautiful plants on the GPOD, but almost nothing gets people quite as excited as beautiful displays of roses. So today we’re celebrating some of…

  • Design

    Gardening Side by Side

    We’re visiting with Susan Warde in St. Paul, Minnesota, today. We’ve visited her garden before (The Summer That Was at the 45th Parallel and Rose Family Members in Susan’s Garden),…

  • Design

    An English-Style Garden in Tennessee

    Today we’re off to Tennessee to visit Lou Ann’s garden. My neighbor Linda calls my house “the English cottage,” and I suppose there’s reason enough. I lived in Suffolk for…

  • two chairs in the garden

    GPOD on the Road: Vancouver Hardy-Plant Study Weekend, Part 2

    Back in June, friend of the GPOD Cherry Ong attended the Vancouver Hardy Plant Study Weekend and was kind enough to share photos of some of the gardens that she…

  • grass paths cutting through lush garden beds

    Beate’s Vermont Garden

    Today’s photos are from Beate in Brandon, Vermont. Hello, I moved to Vermont from Virginia in 2019 and started to establish a new garden on a mostly empty 3/4-acre lot.…

  • backyard garden with orange flowers and lots of foliage plants

    July in Tingshu’s Back Garden

    We’re back in Massachusetts today, visiting Tingshu Hu’s garden. We saw her front garden in July yesterday, and today we’re moving to the back garden in high summer. Early morning…

  • close up of pink begonia withe small raccoon sculpture

    Summer and Fall in Maria’s Garden

    I am Maria and I live in the southwest of the province of Quebec, Canada, Zone 5. I want to add that my husband is in charge of the grass…