summer blooms

  • white hydrangea blooms above small ornamental grass and purple allium

    Wendy’s Pennsylvania Garden

    Today’s photos are from Wendy Quereau. We’ve visited her garden before (Beauty From Wendy's Garden), and it is always a pleasure to see it again. I thought I’d send more…

  • orange summer blooms

    Orange Blooms Brighten the Southern Summer Garden

    Shouldn’t the summer garden announce the fact that it’s summer? Aren’t whites and blues false advertising? How about a pop of color that announces it is hot outside and we…

  • hydrangea

    Winter-Hardy Hydrangeas

    If you haven’t noticed, there are suddenly more hydrangeas (Hydrangea spp. and cvs., Zones 3–9) for northern gardeners than ever before. If you've become frustrated with getting a hydrangea to…

  • deer and hydrangeas

    Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

    The arrival of late spring and early summer means just one thing here in New England: hydrangea season. The East Coast is known for the iconic displays those hydrangeas put…

  • a bouquet of spring blooming plants

    Small-Space Gardening in Texas

    Today we’re off to Texas to visit a gardener who makes the most of a small garden space, filling it with a collection of lovely, cottage-style blooms. A small garden…

  • greenhouse with sunflower design on front gable

    Dale’s Greenhouse and Garden

    Welcome to Dale Coulter’s garden in Sutton, Massachusetts. I have always wanted a greenhouse to be my next gardening challenge. I have been an avid gardener for years, starting simply…

  • Exbury hybrid azalea

    Waiting for Spring in Massachusetts

    Today we’re in Massachusetts, visiting with Barbara Owen, who is looking back at last summer’s beauty in the garden while waiting for spring. The Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica, Zones 3–8)…

  • Rich blue delphinium flowers

    Flowers of the Canadian Summer

    Today’s photos were sent in by Mary-Jane Duford. It’s well below freezing here in Zone 5. I’m indoors with my houseplants and seed catalogs dreaming of spring! I took all…

  • Design

    Finding Solace in Kit’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Kit Jensen’s garden, looking back at some views from the past year. While I’ve owned this small suburban home in northeast Ohio (South Euclid) for over 30…

  • Design

    Gardening in the Midwest

    Today we’re in the Midwest visiting Vanessa Lehnhoff’s beautiful garden. Hostas (Hosta hybrids, Zones 3–9) are a staple of Midwestern shade gardens, and for good reason: They thrive through cold…