• Article

    Memories of a Northern Summer Garden

    Today we are visiting Mary Spaulding's garden. I submitted photos of my emerging spring gardens in May 2020 (click here). I'd like to share some photos of our July-August Zone…

  • Stachys plant trial: which ones were best?

    Stachys Plant Trial: Which Ones Were Best?

    In a world where I could only have 10 plants in my garden—clutch your pearls, right?—lambs’ ears (Stachys byzantina and cvs., Zones 4–8) would most assuredly be one of them.…

  • Design

    Blooms, Despite Weather and Wildlife

    Welcome to Evelyn Drake’s garden! I so much enjoy photos from others' gardens, so I decided it was time to share. We wouldn’t have this post otherwise! I garden in…