spring garden

  • pink fringed tulip blossom

    Dreaming of Tulips in New York

    Today we’re visiting with Lee, who gardens in central New York State. We’ve visited Lee's garden before (Early Spring Blooms from the Mohawk Valley). Greetings from the Mohawk Valley. We're…

  • shade garden with lots of foliage plants and pink flowers

    Spring Versus Summer in Dale’s Garden

    We’re visiting with Dale Dailey today. Our garden is well established and located in central Michigan near Lansing. It has been featured in the GPOD in the past (Dale's Garden…

  • spring container designs

    Welcome Spring with These Container Designs

    Spring is the start of it all—the time when everything you have dreamed about since last year becomes possible. These possibilities come alive with your first plant picks of the…

  • spring container design

    Unique Spring-Container Design Ideas

    When the bulbs first start breaking through the ground in spring, it’s easy to focus all our energy on our garden beds. After all, there are edges to sharpen, holes…

  • spring plant combinations

    Spring Planting Plans for Your Region

    In her article “Spring Planting Ideas,” Michelle Gervais beautifully illustrates the magical time that is the start of spring: "Our winter-weary spirits lift as hints of green begin to appear.…

  • close up of small orange tulips with yellow centers

    Bulbs Worth Planting

    Hi GPODers, this is Joseph, your GPOD editor. Fall is here in my Indiana garden, which means bulb-planting time! I’ve been going through old pictures looking at some of my…

  • more colorful foliage and flowers in containers

    Jeff’s Flower-Filled Patio Garden

    I am Jeff Sisil. My wife and I live in Cypress, California. I started gardening about 20 years ago. Here are some current photos of spring plants and flowers. I’m…

  • front yard garden bed with pink lupins and foliage plants

    Maria’s Québec Garden

    My name is Maria Nieuwenhof. I grew up on a dairy farm with parents who loved flowers and grew a large vegetable garden. So when I got married it was…

  • close up of fern leaf peony with red flowers

    Keith’s Spring Highlights

    Keith Irvine is sharing his garden with us today. We’ve visited with him before (Keith's Zone 3 Garden), and it's a pleasure to revisit this beautiful garden. I have put…

  • metal pig statue next to purple and orange flowers in the garden

    Early Spring Blooms from the Mohawk Valley

    Today we’re in Lee's garden, in the Mohawk Valley of New York State. We visited earlier this spring, and Lee took us on an ant’s-eye view of the developing sprouts…