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  • How-To

    Understand Plant Survival Needs | Soil Basics

    To understand what goes into the perfect potting mix, it’s helpful to appreciate how plants thrive. Plants have four basic survival needs: water, air, food, and soil structure that shelters…

  • planting roses in containers

    Create Perfect Conditions for Roses

    Roses have their own special requirements to do well. Instead of fussing with them, many people just skip the plants entirely. But there is a better way. You can give…

  • Design

    10 Perennials Easily Grown From Seed

    Because this bunch is simple to start, you'll save money and get more plants

  • growing veggies in containers

    Tips for Growing Veggies in Containers

    If you have limited space and time but still want to try your hand at growing vegetables, think containers. No yard is necessary; a patio, deck, windowbox, or even a…