shade garden

  • ghost lady fern

    How to Grow ‘Ghost’ Lady Fern

    I’ve grown many ferns over the years, and I’m constantly enthralled anew every time I see ‘Ghost’ lady fern (Athyrium ‘Ghost’, Zones 3–8) in the shade garden. Described as well-mannered,…

  • close up of Japanese maple with ferns behind

    High Spring in Carla’s Garden

    We’ve visited the garden of Carla Zambelli Mudry in Malvern, Pennsylvania, many times. Most recently she shared the early blooms of spring with us (Celebrating Spring With Carla). Today, we’re…

  • Epimedium Pink Champagne

    Epimediums from Eric

    Today we’re visiting with Eric Sternfels. I’ve submitted photos several times before from my personal garden in Northwest Philadelphia (Summer in Eric's Garden). Here are some photos showing my increasing…

  • Heucheras in a variety of colors

    The Best Heucheras for Northern California

    Long appreciated for their airy blooms and charming, carefree nature, native heucheras (Heuchera spp. and cvs., Zones 4–9) were gleaned from their mountain and woodland habitats many years ago to…

  • garden designs with hostas

    How to Use Hostas in Garden Design: Plant IDs

    In “How to Use Hostas in Garden Design,” home gardener Delphia Johnstone introduced us to her lush Zone 7b North Vancouver garden. The garden has been three decades in the…

  • perennials for dry shade

    Perennials for Dry Shade in the Southern Plains

    Gardening in dry shady locations can be a challenge. Even when rain does fall, thirsty tree roots quickly suck up soil moisture. To ensure understory plants thrive, I seek out…

  • stone front steps with lots of plants on both sides

    Gardening in Pennsylvania

    Today Bob and Linda Vivian are sharing their Pennsylvania garden with us. There’s plenty of garden here to keep Linda and me busy. We don’t mind it at all. It’s…

  • shade loving perennial

    Shade-Loving Perennials for the Mountain West

    On a recent Zillow report of my home, I saw a photo from when my husband and I bought our house over 13 years ago. It caught my eye because…

  • ground cover for shade

    Evergreen Ground Covers for Shade in Northern California

    Create an easy-care tapestry of color and texture in your shade garden, and keep pesky weeds at bay at the same time! These shade-loving, evergreen ground-huggers are all easy to…

  • a garden that embraces shade

    Learning to Embrace Shade in the Garden

    When you have lived at a property for nearly 50 years, you are bound to see your landscape go through some changes. Linda Skyler is no stranger to this reality,…