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  • Purple coneflower

    20 Great Perennials to Start From Seed

    Perennials are the workhorses of most gardens. They reliably return, year after year, and bulk up relatively fast. Perennials can be pricey, though, especially when compared to many annual plants,…

  • Design

    Another Year in a Wonderful Garden

    Today we’re visiting Adeline Kong’s garden. We’ve been there before, so if you enjoy these photos, be sure to check out previous posts beginning here. Greetings again from British Columbia.…

  • Design

    A Visit to Bee Blessed Acres

    Thirty years ago I married a professional beekeeper, who put honey in 55-gallon barrels instead of bears, and moved from Whigham, Georgia, to Cozad, Nebraska. From our telephone courtship I…