Rooftop Garden

  • A Rooftop Pollinator Pit Stop

    Take a Video Tour of a Rooftop Pollinator Garden

    Take a tour through a magical pollinator garden located atop a multistory apartment building in the middle of Chicago. Featured in Fine Gardening #213, this garden is an oasis within…

  • rooftop pollinator garden

    An Urban Rooftop Garden for Pollinators

    Each morning my partner, Steve, and I head up to our rooftop to greet the bees as they begin their days’ work. After all, time is honey. While I sometimes…

  • VIew of the skyline, a raised bed and seating area from the garden

    Take the Vegetable Garden to New Heights

    The task was a bit overwhelming: Design and create an edible garden that was productive enough to supply produce for a restaurant, make sure it looked beautiful most of the…