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    Another Year in a Wonderful Garden

    Today we’re visiting Adeline Kong’s garden. We’ve been there before, so if you enjoy these photos, be sure to check out previous posts beginning here. Greetings again from British Columbia.…

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    A Garden Around an Enchanted Castle

    Today we’re visiting Narcisse Navarre’s garden. I'm in the Hudson Valley, New York, and I'm a novice gardener. I've been gardening for about five years since we bought our castle…

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    A Secret Garden Behind the Hedge

    Welcome to Judy Boyle’s garden! Hemlocks (Tsuga canadensis, Zones 3–7), Leyland cypress (× Cupressocyparis leylandii, Zones 6–10), and green giants (Thuja ‘Green Giant’, Zones 5–8) create a privacy border for the…

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    Garden Perfection, 40+ Years in the Making: Part 1

    Welcome to Elaine Hutson’s lovely garden! It is an incredible garden, and as you’ll see, the photographs of it are pretty magical as well. These are pictures taken of my…

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    Peonies and Other Favorites

    Lynn Crawford is sharing some of her favorite blooms from her garden with us today. I have been an avid gardener for more than 60 years. My mother, Charlotte, and…

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    Small-Scale Rhododendrons for Year-Round Interest

    Rhododendrons (Rhododendron spp. and cvs., Zones 4-9) are an amazing group of stalwart evergreen plants that are often not considered by residential gardeners because they are afraid they’ll end up…

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    Iowa Plant Collector, Part 1

    Gary Whittenbaugh gardens in Iowa, where he grows an astonishing range of rare plants. Iowa can be a difficult place to garden. With hot summers and cold winters, it is…

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    Three Ways to Prune Rhododendrons

    Here's how to maintain, shape, or rejuvenate rhododendrons