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    5 Inspiring Naturalistic Dry Creek-Bed Designs

    The following five garden spaces are a good representation of the variety of styles that dry creek-bed designs can encompass. Each of these designs also solved a unique issue stemming…

  • close up of rain garden swale and pond surrounded by plants

    Helen’s Mostly Native Garden

    My name is Helen Stephenson, and I have been gardening in the Halton Region of Ontario for over 20 years. For the past 10 years I have tried to plant…

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    Water-Wise Tips for Northeastern Gardeners

    Long-range forecasts for the summer have been all over the place. Some predicted “normal” weather for most of the Northeast and rainier than usual weather for southern New England. Others…

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    Rain Gardens for the Southern Plains

    Mention rain gardens, and many folks imagine lush pondside displays. This type of garden, with permanent standing water, is more accurately called a wetland garden or water garden. A rain…

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    Plants for a Rain Garden

    Why Plant a Rain Garden? Aside from being beautiful, a rain garden can serve a functional purpose in protecting our environment. Human action has created a storm runoff problem. Parking…

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    How to Design a Rain Garden

    The term “rain garden” is a bit of a misnomer. Sounding like it is some kind of a water-logged bog, a rain garden, in fact, is a slightly sunken garden…