Plants with Large Leaves

  • Chilean rhubarb in a large container

    Lush, Big-Leaf Plants for a Shady Pacific Northwest Garden

    If you’re a sun-loving gardener, finding yourself presented with a woodland garden or an otherwise shaded area of the landscape can feel a little overwhelming, and maybe even disappointing. But…

  • Design

    Putting Down Roots, at Last

    My name is Linda Corinaldi, and I live in West Vancouver (lots of rain and lots of slugs) in British Columbia, Canada. We have lived in this house for 20…

  • ‘Axminster Gold’ Comfrey 

    Trade in Your Troublesome Plants

    If you’ve ever grown plants, odds are that you’ve tried a plant that you couldn’t (or shouldn’t) grow for some reason. Did your grandma grow lilacs on her farm in…