Plant IDs

  • bold modern planting plan

    Planting Plan for a Bold, Modern Garden

    When Robin Parsons took on the job of designing this Zone 8b garden overlooking Puget Sound in Seattle, she had a challenge on her hands. The steel-and-glass home was situated…

  • Design

    Planting Plan for a Mature Garden Makeover

    In the article How to Make Changes to a Mature Garden, Laura Trowbridge explains how her long border acquired its present appearance: "It was a difficult decision, but last spring…

  • geometric garden plan

    Planting Plan for a Geometric Garden

    In Geometry Makes a Garden Better, landscape designer Warren Leach takes us through his process of designing a small garden for Peter and Shirley Williams of North Grafton, Massachusetts. Warren…

  • fast filling plants

    Planting Plan for a Garden That Fills In Fast

    In the article 3 Steps to Get a Garden That Fills In Fast (Fine Gardening #208), garden designer Adam Woodruff takes readers through the steps he used to get a landscape…

  • plants for back border

    Designing a Beautiful Back Border—Planting Plan

    If you fell in love with Stacie Crooks’s border in the article Designing a Beautiful Back Border from issue #208 of Fine Gardening magazine, you are not alone—so did we.…

  • garden designs with hostas

    How to Use Hostas in Garden Design: Plant IDs

    In “How to Use Hostas in Garden Design,” home gardener Delphia Johnstone introduced us to her lush Zone 7b North Vancouver garden. The garden has been three decades in the…

  • hardscaping with plants

    A Garden Design with Lots of Hardscape and Plants – Plant IDs

    My plant selection followed the same principles I used in selecting my hardscape materials, with an emphasis on sculptural habits and interesting textures. As a member of the American Conifer…

  • colorful shade garden plant ids

    How to Design a Colorful Shade Garden – Plant IDs

    The plants teach me what they can do, and I try my best to help them reach their full potential. I have grown to love the shade, and I can’t…

  • Design

    Dry Shade Done Simply: Plant IDs

    Is it possible to have a great garden in the least hospitable conditions imaginable? This garden designed by Susan Calhoun in Bainbridge Island, Washington makes us say, yes! This stunning…