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  • plant combos for the southwest

    Unbeatable Plant Combinations for the Southwest

    Although I have no problem creating single-plant containers or placing plants individually in garden beds, sometimes I come across a grouping of plants that just works so well together that…

  • orange and pink annual combination

    Unbeatable Hot and Cool Annual Combos for the Southeast

    We are fortunate in the southeastern United States to be able to grow a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous perennials in our temperate climate. During our long growing…

  • bright pink Chrysanthemum

    Joan’s New Garden

    Joan Cogliano is sharing her garden with us today. I moved to a new house in Weymouth, and it was a mess. I removed a leggy peach tree, two scraggly…

  • Tall ferns with blue and red flowers in front of them

    Jason’s Garden in a City

    Today we’re in Evanston, Illinois, in the Chicago suburbs, visiting Jason Kay’s beautiful garden. I've been gardening since around the age of 12. (I'm now 62.) I’ve had my current…

  • Design

    John’s California Garden

    Today John Erskine is sharing his garden with us, which we have visited before (Change Up Your Garden). This past year I've been lucky enough to be able to work…

  • Design

    An Art Teacher’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting with Nancy Clark. I’ve been gardening since 1986 and have a 3-acre shrub-and-perennial garden situated on a 16-acre property. As a retired high school art teacher, I’m…

  • Design

    Revisiting an Undisciplined Garden

    Last week we visited Cheryl Henley’s garden, which she calls her Undisciplined Garden, but she sent in so many great photos that I wanted to share more of her garden…

  • Design

    Spring Into Summer: 6 Garden-Bed Designs to Try This Year

    Every garden should have something going on after spring flowers fade and before the summer show really gets going. But in some gardens, this in-between season is punctuated mainly by…

  • Design

    Late-Summer Combinations

    Brutal heat, tropical humidity, torrential downpours, or extended dry spells—welcome to late summer in the Mid-Atlantic region! We have plenty of excuses for our gardens looking tired and tattered now,…

  • Article

    Be a Garden Matchmaker

    Steven W., who gardens in western Washington State (Zone 8b) with his gardening partner, Sandy Lynch, sent in these images of some inspired plant combinations from his dreamy garden. If…