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  • long garden bed with red and yellow flowers

    GPOD on the Road: Pike Place Market

    Cherry Ong recently visited Seattle's Pike Place Market, which is a famous farmers market; however, she was focused not on the fresh produce for sale, but on the beautiful plantings.…

  • Design

    Perfect Plant Combinations for the Mountain West

    There is no perfect garden plant, unless one is talking about plastic. All chlorophyll-loaded garden accents have both good and bad visual and cultural attributes. Understanding the weaknesses of your…

  • planting plans for late summer

    3 Gorgeous Planting Plans for a Late-Summer Show

    There's a reason they call these the dog days of summer. Much like our overworked air conditioners, our gardens are now looking rather exhausted. Soaring temps might be good for…

  • window box container with lots of flowers and small solar lights

    Allison’s Container Creations

    My name is Allison Pond, and I’m the owner of Primo Pots and Planters in Moorestown, New Jersey. This is a chapter 2 career for me after 20 years in…

  • diverse container plantings with bright pink flowers and foliage plants

    An Artist’s Garden Containers

    Today’s photos are from Jolene, who is sharing the beautiful garden that her mother, Tina Iosca, has created. We’ve been lucky enough to visit this beautiful garden before: The Secret…

  • Design

    Bouquets from Amanda

    Amanda Benick is sharing with us today from Cincinnati (Zone 6b). Amanda says that she has been having a bad spring, with lots of up-and-down weather, going from freezing cold…

  • beautiful garden border
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    Building Beautiful Garden Borders

    When I first began gardening I remember a more experienced friend asking me, “How deep are you going to make your borders?” I turned to her with a confused look,…

  • plant container grouping

    Great Designs for Container Groupings

    It’s hard to fail with a group of con­tainers. A group of any size, from a simple pair to a great many, can improve any outdoor space. Open patios and…

  • planting a pot with lots of plants

    Planting a Pot with Lots of Plants

    I stood looking at the expanse of decking that surrounds our pool area, and I knew that I had my work cut out for me. My mission was to soften…

  • various bright yellow flowers around a white picket fence

    Keith’s Zone 3 Garden

    My name is Keith Irvine. I am 70 years old, and I am guessing that I started my first garden somewhere between the ages of 6 and 10. I grew…