• gardening in microclimates

    Gardening in the Southwest: How to Use Microclimates

    Obvious shifts in climate patterns are changing our natural world. Large trees are dying, moderate temperature swings are now more extreme, and storms are more sporadic and violent when they…

  • How-To

    How to Handle Microclimates Within Your Yard

    Microclimates can pose unique challenges as you plan for and maintain your yard and gardens. Although not all challenges are a bad thing, they can be expensive. For those of…

  • Design

    Dealing With Dry Shade

    Everything I’ve learned about dry-shade gardening has been from experimentation.   When my husband and I bought our home in Fairview, Tennessee, 20 years ago, I had never gardened before.…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    What Are Microclimates?

    If you think that the numbers on the USDA zone map have the last word on your garden - think again.