leaf mold

  • mowing the lawn

    Improve Your Soil by Raking Less

    Mowing leaves into your lawn can improve its vigor, and unraked leaves in planting beds don’t smother shade-tolerant perennials

  • the making of a leaf mold

    Making Leaf Mold

    Recycle fall's debris to create this organic soil amendment and mulch

  • How-To

    How to Make Leaf Mold

    Leaf mold is something gardeners can never have too much of. It is useful in container plantings, in the ground, and on the ground. You can use it as an…

  • Kitchen Gardening

    5 Things to Do With All Those Fall Leaves

    Here they come ~ leaves, leaves, glorious leaves! I don't care how you use them, just please don't shove them into bags that are bound for the trash pickup.

  • Article

    Leaf Mold as a Soil Conditioner

    Leaf mold by itself is pretty close to pure humus and like compost, smells like the forest floor. Probably because it is the forest floor.