Late Summer Flowers - Fine Gardening

  • close up of white anemones

    Celebrating End-of-Summer Beauty with Maxine, Part 2

    We’re back for a second day of enjoying the beauty of late summer and early fall in Maxine Brisport’s Rotterdam, New York, garden. Classic blooms of the late summer garden…

  • bright pink begonias growing underneath various shade plants

    Late Summer in Michigan

    Today we’re in Nella’s Michigan garden. Usually my spring garden is my favorite. It's a lovely welcome to the new gardening season after a cold, gray Michigan winter. This year…

  • swallowtail butterfly on an ironweed with bright purple flowers

    End of Summer in Carla’s Garden, Part 2

    Today we’re back in Carla Z. Mudry’s garden in Malvern, Pennsylvania, celebrating the blooms of the end of summer. Azaleas (Rhododendron hybrids, Zones 6–9) are traditionally a feature of spring…

  • late summer perennials

    Perennials That Bloom in Late Summer

    Even the most well-planned border can look a bit shabby or even colorless by mid to late summer. Gaps can occur for many reasons, such as long summer heat waves,…

  • dwarf sunflower

    Enjoy Cheery Late-Summer Blooms from ‘Happy Days’ Sunflower

    Adding a splash of sunflower sunshine is a whole lot easier with this dwarf hybrid. It is a perfect fit mixed into large borders or showcased in tight spaces. A…