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  • cohesive garden design

    Create a Botanical Tapestry by Knitting Vignettes Together in Your Garden

    What happens when an avowed plant collector puts down roots on a blank garden slate? When I purchased my property, the small lot in a Zone 5b/6a Denver suburb had…

  • LAAP Episode 150: Design Rules of Thumb with Stacie Crooks

    Episode 150: Design Rules of Thumb with Stacie Crooks

    Stacie Crooks is a Seattle-based garden designer who has created beautiful, ecologically friendly, low-maintenance gardens throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is also a contributing editor for Fine Gardening magazine and…

  • dry creek bed with river stones

    How to Build a Stylish Dry Creek Bed

    Stormwater runoff, and the damage it can leave behind, has become a seemingly unmanageable problem for
gardeners from coast to coast. The perfect mix of 
unpredictable and changing weather patterns, urban…

  • large terracotta pots in front of garden beds

    Jill’s New Zealand Garden, Part 2

    We’re back in New Zealand today to see more of Jill Hammond’s beautiful garden. She has spent the last 28 years transforming a 7.5-hectare (18.5-acre) piece of land in rural…

  • another view of stepping stone path and surrounding plants

    Building a Garden With Bas

    Today we’re off to Canada to visit with Bas Suharto. I built this garden for Ms. Jeanette in Orleans, Ontario. It started July 5, 2023, from a simple sketch. I…

  • close up of peacock gladiolus with sunset behind

    Summer in Wendy’s Garden

    Today we’re visiting Wendy’s garden in Cleveland Township in northern Michigan. In high summer, lush greenery is dotted with flowers, and there are lots of places to sit, look out,…

  • small brick circle patio with plants surrounding

    Monica’s Florida Garden

    My name is Monica Babwah. I live in New Port Richey, Florida, with my husband and four children. I’ve been busy with landscape design for about four years, and I…

  • plants for challenging environment

    Planting Plan for a Landscape with Challenging Conditions

    Living and working in northwestern Oregon, garden designer Wesley Younie is no stranger to dealing with challenging environments. When presented with this garden’s elevation changes, drainage management, and extreme climate…

  • fluffy white flowers next to a hosta under trees

    Plant Favorites from Kelly

    Hello GPOD! My name is Kelly Hansen, and I live in Delmar, New York, right outside of Albany, which is in Zone 5b. I started “planting” in our yard 25…

  • beautiful garden border
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    Building Beautiful Garden Borders

    When I first began gardening I remember a more experienced friend asking me, “How deep are you going to make your borders?” I turned to her with a confused look,…