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  • hardy garden design

    Designing a Hardy Garden

    I have often thought of myself as “gardening against the odds.” My rural Black Earth, Wisconsin, garden is adjacent to a marsh and pond and is technically in Zone 5a,…

  • LAAP episode 156 Finding Design Inspiration with Jay Sifford

    Episode 156: Finding Design Inspiration with Jay Sifford

    Jay Sifford is an award-winning landscape designer based in North Carolina. Several of his garden designs have been featured in Fine Gardening, including a one-of-a-kind modern meadow garden and a…

  • planning a garden

    Things to Think About When Planning or Renovating a Garden

    I have always thought that the best gardens are those that make people happy and comfortable. Sure, great gardens look good, but they have to feel good too. The gardens…

  • formal stone fountain at edge of garden

    Kathy’s Design for Her Son’s Los Angeles Garden

    Kathy Sandel, a retired garden designer in California, has shared her former (Kathy's Calabasas Garden) and current (Kathy's Garden Transformation in Sacramento) home gardens, and today she’s sharing pictures of…

  • wide view of garden in fall

    The Walshes’ Garden in Ontario, Part 2

    We’re in Simcoe, Ontario, today, where Linda Walsh is sharing photos of a beautiful garden that has been almost 40 years in the making. Part of having a mature garden…

  • view of long driveway and surrounding gardens

    The Walshes’ Garden in Ontario

    Linda Walsh is sharing photos with us today. We’ve visited this beautiful garden before, which started as nothing but a few old pine trees and some poison ivy (Linda Terry's Garden…

  • view of shade garden and beds beyond from under Japanese maple tree

    Sally’s Garden in Maryland

    Today we’re in Phoenix, Maryland, visiting Sally Barker’s beautiful garden: While my garden has been featured many times on GPOD (Sally's Garden in Maryland, Up Front , Sally's Maryland Garden),…

  • cohesive garden design

    Create a Botanical Tapestry by Knitting Vignettes Together in Your Garden

    What happens when an avowed plant collector puts down roots on a blank garden slate? When I purchased my property, the small lot in a Zone 5b/6a Denver suburb had…

  • LAAP Episode 150: Design Rules of Thumb with Stacie Crooks

    Episode 150: Design Rules of Thumb with Stacie Crooks

    Stacie Crooks is a Seattle-based garden designer who has created beautiful, ecologically friendly, low-maintenance gardens throughout the Pacific Northwest. She is also a contributing editor for Fine Gardening magazine and…

  • dry creek bed with river stones

    How to Build a Stylish Dry Creek Bed

    Stormwater runoff, and the damage it can leave behind, has become a seemingly unmanageable problem for
gardeners from coast to coast. The perfect mix of 
unpredictable and changing weather patterns, urban…