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  • bus parked behind wildflowers on the side of the road

    GPOD on the Road: Canadian Wildflowers

    Happy Friday, GPODers! We have another installment of my travels through Canada last summer, and I want to dive into some of the wildflowers I spotted while traveling. While rest…

  • Canada mayflower plants growing in the shade of a tree

    A Field Guide to Plant Watching

    Happy Monday GPODers! Hope everyone had a beautiful weekend with lots of time spent in the garden. If not in the garden, I hope you at least had an opportunity…

  • How-To

    An Invasive Willowherb to Watch For

    Most of us gardeners have a good read on which plants in our gardens are problematic—which we often refer to as weeds. Typically these plants make seasonal appearances, like the…

  • Design

    Sterile Varieties of Butterfly Bush

    I have mixed feelings about growing and promoting butterfly bushes. On the one hand, they are beautiful and reliable garden plants; on the other hand, their weedy nature cannot be…

  • native vines

    Great Native Vines to Replace Invasive Species

    Vines play a special role in the garden, covering vast amounts of space with little investment from us. Most vines are chosen for their climbing ability and used to add…

  • invasives in the midwest

    Identifying and Controlling Common Invasive Plants

    As another gardening season kicks into gear, one of the more unsavory, yet necessary, tasks is scouting for problematic, common invasive plants. These undesirable plants typically infiltrate our gardens, meadows,…

  • invasive plants to avoid

    Invasive Plants to Avoid in Northern California

    Invasive plants are nonnative introductions that have the ability to germinate, establish, thrive, reproduce, and spread to other areas without any help from humans. They're the tough, rugged trespassers that…

  • English Ivy climbing up trees

    How to Get Rid of English Ivy and Other Invasive Ground Covers

    When I bought my house, it was clear that the previous owners had once fallen in love with the promise of weed-controlling, high-coverage ground covers. It worked a little too…

  • Episode 123: Listener Q & A

    Episode 123: Listener Q & A

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not because it’s the holidays, but because it’s the annual Q&A episode here on Let’s Argue About Plants. When we put…

  • How-To

    Watch for These Weeds in Late Summer and Early Fall

    As summer draws to a close, it is easy to fall into a passive and lethargic state. As we approach this somewhat idle period in the gardening calendar, we must…