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  • 5 Tips for a Better Garden

    5 Tips for a Better Garden

    Winning Tip: Gardening is entertaining too I discovered a new use for an old entertainment center—a raised garden bed. As you can see from the photo, I laid the entertainment…

  • How-To

    Tip: Keep Dirt Out of Your Fingernails

    For some, dirt under the fingernails is a badge of honor. It says, “I’m a real gardener.” But try taking those dirty fingernails to a summer cocktail party full of…

  • Kneeler shoes

    5 Tips for the Early Summer Garden

    Winning Tip: Kneeler shoes My granddaughter bought me a garden kneeler for Christmas. I didn’t think I needed one, but it has made planting and weeding easier on my knees…

  • Edging with downed-tree sections

    4 Tips for Early Spring Gardening

    Edging with downed-tree sections When a tree must be taken down in my neighborhood, I find a place in my garden for as many of the remnants as possible by…

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    Gardening Time-Saving Tips

    Whenever I hear of gardeners who spend hours a day in their gardens, I get insanely jealous. As a mom and wife with a full-time career, I’m lucky if I…

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    What Is My Gardening Zone?

    Your USDA Hardiness Zone determines what plants you can grow

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    The secret of successful gardening

    What is the point of gardening? 

  • Design

    A Front-Yard Garden That Fills in Fast

    This approach takes you from bare dirt to a bountiful garden

  • Kitchen Gardening

    Reader Recap: How Did Your Garden Grow?

    What were you happiest with in your garden during the 2012 season? Please share your most successful gardening tips, best plant recommendations and other good growing ideas.