Gardening Podcast

  • Episode 138: Water-Wise Perennials

    Episode 138: Water-Wise Perennials

    Drought has become synonymous with gardening in the past several years. It seems like regardless of where you live, you will experience some sort of dry conditions in summer. This…

  • Episode 136: Plants with Presence

    Episode 136: Plants with Presence

    We all love plants that have a personality. They are the ones that stand out and make us take notice, and when we see them at a nursery, public garden,…

  • Episode 134: Hole Fillers

    Episode 134: Hole Fillers

    Every garden has gaps that need to be filled from time to time. Whether you are looking for a short-term stand-in while a bed is being reworked or a quick…

  • Episode 133: Spring Combos

    Episode 133: Spring Combos

    To gardeners, spring is the signal of something big to come. It kicks off our season. For the next several months we will primp and preen our beds to maximize…

  • Episode 132: A Tribute to Tulips

    Episode 132: A Tribute to Tulips

    Tulips are a lavish spring gift that all gardeners can give to themselves and to their neighborhoods with just a little advance planning. Whether you order your tulip bulbs as…

  • Episode 131: Green Plants

    Episode 131: Green Plants

    Green plants? Well, of course! What else would our topic be for a St. Patrick’s Day episode? Today we’re talking about plants that are stunners despite being “just green.” Turns…

  • Episode 127: Plants for Winter’s Worst

    Episode 127: Plants for Winter’s Worst

    Much like the United States Postal Service, these plants will not let rain, nor sleet, nor driving snow stop them from pulling through the worst winter weather imaginable. It can…

  • Episode 126: Winter Stunners

    Episode 126: Winter Stunners

    The winter blues have certainly set in around here. But thankfully we have a few plants outside that seem to have saved their best for last. Today Carol and Danielle…

  • Episode 124: Wish List Plants

    Episode 124: Wish List Plants

    It doesn’t matter whether we’ve been naughty (Danielle) or nice (Carol) this year—we’re still going ahead and adding plenty of plants to our wish lists. We’re talking about trees that…